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Hi every body,I want to use ccs in order to read data stored on my EEPROM 25lc640 and display messages on the screen,can you please help me with some codes.Normally I know how to driver the lcd from the EEPROM can be configured to be master?I have a device hen I remove the eerpom the lcd can not display anything .
Have a look at these links,,, the driver file lcd.c uses the 4-bit mode of lcd...
Controller: PIC-18f452 Compiler : ccs v 4.125 Glcd: 96*60 KS0713 Family Graphic lcds I want to make changes to Glcd driver and I don't understand the following things: Print Character Routine: void dt_lcd_printchar(byte cvar) // Write 1 character to (...)
HI everyone, I am using PIC 16F887 and ccs-C compiler(version 4.093) plugin in MPLAB IDE ... i ve connected lcd to port D and it is working , i am using lcd.C driver to implement lcd functions in which lcd is configured as port i want to use pin 5 of port d for PWM(half bridge (...)
flex_lcd is a character lcd driver from ccs forum and basically working well "as is". As a first point, I see that your lcd module doesn't get initialized to 2-line-mode as intended. There may be a connection problem in your circuit. You would want to check if each lcd data and control (...)
Hi there Kindly anybody share me sample code for PIC with lcd and 3X4 key pad interfacing i am using ccs C compiler ............
hi, try this code: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /* Graphic lcd Nokia 3310 (LPH7779) routines v3 ccs compiler by Michel Bavin 2004 --- --- --- august 29, 2004 */ // ex: //
Hi all, I want to make a digital clock, include PIC16F88, lcd 16x2 and RTC DS1302. I use ccs C complier, and driver for DS1302 is DS1302.C in C:\Program Files\PICC\drivers. Here is the code: void rtc_display() { // Hien thi gio if (hour<10) { (...)
Im using 128x64(LM12468L) glcd with pic18f4550 and ccs. I use HDM46GS12 driver. First i developed a firmware without using "FAST lcd" it properly worked in proteus. but it didnt work when it is impemented. Then i used "Fast lcd" & it worked properly. But it takes more RAM space(50%). I want 70% ram (...)
Hi, I'm trying to interface a PIC18F4520 to a SED1335 based lcd. Using the provided ccs C driver and this code: while(TRUE) { glcd_fillScreen(ON); delay_ms(1000); glcd_fillScreen(OFF); delay_ms(1000); glcd_pixel(10,10,1); delay_ms(1000); glcd_pixel(10,10,0); (...)
Does anyone have schematic and sample programs for PIC16F1937 Development Kit designed by ccs. ccs, Inc. - PIC16F1937 Development Kit I would like to strart one projects with lcd withoud driver and this will help me to start. Thank you
I is not difficult Esalasanjaya to interface an lcd, You need a driver file for displaying it on the lcd. You can search the ccs forum for it.Check in your ccs example and drivers directory,you may find the driver files.Make connections of lcd according to (...)
hi all i am interfacing an lcd and a keypad with pic 16F877; my programming language is pic c compiler i want to know how to define connections between the PIC and the lcd in the C code in mikroC it is done as shown below / lcd module connections sbit lcd_RS at RB2_bit; sbit lcd_EN at RB3_bit; (...)
I notice you are using 470K for contrast, this is way to high, about 10k is right. I think pin 3 can be shorted to ground for full contrast, you may not need the pot. If you use the appropriate flexlcd driver on the ccs forum, you can configure the pins you would like to use.
hello... i'm using pic16f877a for my project. i have written the source code but there are some error when i want to compile it by using ccs compiler. the error is at the lcd.c driver where it state that delay_us as the undefined identifier. is it because i'm using analog input to the adc of the pic16f877a?i have attach the source code (...)
This is from ccs library, maybe it will help. If you check ccs index, there are some different ones. // Flex_lcd_16x1.c // These are randomly assigned pins, used to test // that the driver can work with any arrangement // of i/o pins. #define lcd_RS PIN_B0 #define lcd_E (...)
I recently obtained SED1335 based lcd EW32FA0FLW module and connected it to a PIC 18f452 microcontroller. Data on port D, control lines on port B, using ccs and sed1335.c driver, modified the pin definitions in header file - nothing! display is just white all the time, I provided external +24V to power the lcd display (...)
Hi ;) I will do this tomorow .... be patient or learn French ... hehe ... cya latter ;) Added after 27 minutes: I finaly translate the driver file directly :) Enjoy ;) PS : i have use ccs C Compiler for PIC controler ...
No, it is by ccs-C compiler
I want to build a LCVD interface with a 74LS164 shift register.. Someone it have a PIC ccs C routine to control this device??? to change the lcd.c driver file??? I have a asm routine, but i want a C routine... Thank you to all?