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Your code is ccs Compiler!!! And incomplete!!! Change #include instead #include <16F877A.h>... In MPLB change the toolsuite (menu Project - Set Language Toolsuite... and choose the ccs C Compiller......etc)... Or create the project in PIC C Compiler...
Hi everybody, i've finished a program can be used to generate tree menu easily It can generate C code and you can use ccs compiler to compile. You need to find in that code some line like: case _ROOT1: //Function for Root1 here lcd_putc("\fRoot1"); break;
hey guys after compilation When I searched for ? . hex file? in the project folder it showed me ? . C Object file? Is it the same as HEX, should I download this file to my chip?? Will it work ?
Anyone here have an experience using ccs C and a keypad to create a menu system? Example: Press 1 key system goes to menu A. Press 2 key system goes to menu B. My problem is, when I press a key, the characte is carried by the system into other submenus. Example: I press 1 to go to A, then (...)
Tinymenu is very nice and works perfectly with C30. For the ccs compiler I could only manage to write a state machine. It is big, ugly but works. Did anyone managed to write an efficient menu system for ccs?
Hi, you can use the Help/tutorial of ccs on its menu bar regards
in ccs PCW IDE look menu --> view ---> C/ASM List . Guide to convert C --> ASM nooknikz