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Hi everyone, I am newer. As below is my code+hex file and simulate circuit in Protues7.8. I am using ccs V5.xx I finished my project when i use PIC16f877a. But when i copy code(i just changed PIN DATA and SCK), it can work, but the value of temperature not change(update) ? Reason why ?? Thanks for your read ! My code: ///
Hello everybody,can you please help me to think on the implementation of a digital clock with PIC16F877A and PCF8583? I am new in I2C programming in ccs c ;please help.
Hi, I want to buy to a C Compiler for PIC/dsPIC chips. Currently i have to select between ccs PCWHD and MikroC options are : 1) ccs PCWHD : 600$ 2) MikroC Pro for PIC+ for dsPIC+Visual GLCD : 597$ so basically price is the same, ccs comes with a one month free update and MikroC Pro with a Year??(I'm not (...)
Hi there, this is not a specific question concerning ccs , but I hope someone can answer it anyway. The datasheet of the 18F452 says on page 123 in tabke 14-4 that when you choose an update rate of the pwm of 2.44 khz you can get 14 bit of resolution from the pwm. But on the other hand according to the datasheet you cann only set up 10 bi
Salam, When i was browsing google, i found this link This link contain a bootloader with ICD firmware in one hex file that can work with MPLAB ICD1. When I was having trouble getting the "update ICD Firmware" feature to work with my MPLAB-ICD, I mentioned this to ccs tech
More then 2 years ago I tested the C2C compiler, after that I decided to use ccs. I thought that the ccs was more comfortable. If someone try this new (a update of C2C) compiler, please post your oppinion.
Hi, Version 3.190 from PCWH ccs C compiler is stated as baseline Release. What is the meaning of BaseLine Release ? SphinX
I use the ccs 1.20 version. I have used the simulator module ,but there also was the problem! I guess the problem is occured at the system,WIN98!
hi, does any have the update for the ccs compiler for the 16F87/88 series?? thanks in advance sam
Hi, I have a assembly function like that void myfunc (void) { #asm " // my assembly lines " return " " return #endasm } I want to know how can i return from the assembly function . I tried the __return__ found it in the manual. But it give me this e