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how to do lab matlab(2011a) simulink with ccs version 5.3 in windows 7 for dsk6713 kit???? how to convert matlab code to c???? if any one know these answers please replay me thank you....
hi all, I am using matlab- R 2010a and the simulink version is 7.5. i want to interface my c6713 dsk with simulink., for this which version of ccs IDE i need ? suggestions will be greatful, if you help me. regards, chinny
matlab R-2013 doesn't exist yet ...... Why you don't try it? if you have matlab and ccs ...... Differences in Student Version The Simulink in Student Version provides the full functionality of the professional version of Simulink, with the following differences: Models (including the blocks in referenced (...)
hi all, with the help of matlab we are storing the pixel values of an particular image. by the same way, how one can generate pixel value using c language. i have tried, but iam unable to get the corresponding values, my code for your reference, FILE *fp, *f1; float x; fp=fopen('image.bmp','r+');
HI all, I am Problem facing in connection between texas instruments TMS320c6713 and matlab. I am new in ccs and just have to installed with v5. after connecting TMS320c6713 development board with my PC, an error came "Texas Instruments XDS560 PCI JTAG Emulator" Driver not available. Please guide me how can I start it. (...)
hi as i told in subject i have such problem when i want to program the dsp with matlab simulink it go worst and make an error it says i need code composer 3.3 and my version of ccs is 3.1 is there any way to solve this problem with code composer 3.1 without chanching the code composer version to (...)
i have a problem for control of ac motor 1. what is the method in order to generate the 3-phase PWM to drive the ac motor? currently i'm trying to use the F2812 DSP together with the software ccs3.1 and matlab 7, but the ccs version unable to perform. =>any idea with this? or anyone have other (...)
hi, please somebody help me with this. i am using simulink for DSK6713 code generation and i have installed following matlab toolboxes: link for ccs Real time workshop real time embedded coder simulink apart from this i have installed ccs V 3.1 now the problem is , i am getting an error which looks like something in (...)
matlab supports C6000 and C2000 target processor with its link to Code Composer Studio tool, but you have to check if the release of the tool is compatible with the ccs version you are using (e.g. as far as I know matlab 7.1 link to ccs tool supports ccs 3.1 but not (...)
Can you help me with the following problem with TI DSP c6713 After installing ccs 3.3 and using it with matlab 7.8, I was able to create a project for taking input from ADC and forward the output to DAC, however now I'm getting this error "RTDX target application does not match emulation protocol! (...)
Hello, I am trying to convert my Simulink model into executable code for c6713 DSP however after the following the steps mentioned in the examples given by Dr. Yoder in his files uploaded at, I am getting an error that my version of matlab (link for c6000) is not compatible with ccs 3.1 and I need to use ccs (...)
Salam, Sure you can link matlab simulink with ccs using C6000 Target support library that comes with matlab. There is a demo for DSK C6713 . Read the document ti6000 in matlab for how to configure and run this demo. Bye
matlab has Link to ccs but it does not support the model which u are using, i.e. c5416. Anyway, u may use VisSim ECD v7.0 to implement it and at the same time you might able to interface with matlab by using VisSim... VisSim and matlab is a powerful software.... Besides, VisSim has some examples as (...)
whit is the matlab version and ccs version u r having , any way to get the model open matlab, type simulink,, click open new model then drag and drop the blocks and connect it. go and set the properties in tool-->realtime workshop-->build option, connect the target with system, then tool-->realtime workshop-->build model (...)
I have just started working with DSPs and my main query concerns the hardware topic. OK, with matlab and ccs it is very easy to download and run a program in DSP but how can you connect a DSP with hardware, resulting in a complete system? For example how does a DSP interracts with the (...)
Hi.. I facing problem in matlab with ccs, Can any one help in this issue?
Following is the list of errors & problems working with 'matlab link of rtdx for code composer studio":- developed model using simulink & embedded it on TMS320C6711 using "embedded target for TI C6000 DSP" code#1: cc = ccsdsp; rx = cc.rtdx; open(rx,'ichan1','w'); cc.rtdx.enable('ichan1'); cc.rtdx.isenabled('ichan1') if (...)
hi friend I want to add the even and odd members of a pixel by simulink and then load it for ccs simulator.I choose s-function for implementing it by simulink but I don't know how to do that,.plesae guide me thanks
hi I want to write my algorithm in new s-function (my algorithm is not implementable by matlab defined blocks) but Real-time Work Shop of matlab that convert simulink blocks to ccs project dosn,t include m-file s-functions. and the mcc (matlab compiler) is not compatible with Real-time Work Shop . How (...)