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Back in 90s amateurs made simple scopes using led matrix displays driven by lm3914 and cd4017, like this one 130707 w
The 555 and cd4017 produce a very odd waveform called a "modified sinewave" but it does not resemble a sinewave, it is actually a modified squarewave. It might be good for powering incandescent light bulbs and heaters.
The opamp simply slowly changes the ultrasonic frequency. The cd4017 clock input does not need a rail-to rail voltage swing and the opamp does not need to have a rail to rail output. I think any opamp will work, even a lousy old 741 opamp.
You forgot to tell us how much current you need for the LEDs. The Texas Instruments datasheet for the cd4017 shows that it can typically supply an output current of 15mA into a 2V red LED with a 9V or more supply if you limit the power dissipation of each output transistor to below 100mW. Darlington drivers are inverting and have outputs that go to
Dear All. I think with schema (1)(Please see the photo) is easy for cascading 3 cd4017 ./ But just curious and like to lean more So Please could you help me to know how to add and connection the circuit 128141 (2)(Please see the photo) has worked for cascading 3 cd4017 128144 .Than
Rs changes only the loudness of the sound. A cd4017 is a digital sequencer with 10 outputs. Its outputs are not a tone and cannot feed the speaker. What do you want the 5 sounds to do?
Here is how to cascade three cd4017 ICs to get 25 outputs in sequence:
I've built these before with a SChmitt Trigger Osc and Pot for variable speed> cd4017> then NPN driver Choose each string to add up to just below Vcc i.e. 12V and allow 1~2V for small R series current limiter then make parallel array depending on colour 3V for White, 2V for Red/Yel. This is works. First define what LEDs are used and what pow
Thats a very confusing description. A 'one shot monostable oscillator' is a contradiction of terms, is it a 'one shot' (monostable) or an oscillator (astable). The cd4017 is a sequential decade counter but you want non-sequential outputs. My best guess is you want exactly the opposite, something that senses 8 random inputs and when an input is '
hi, I have created a 32x7 led matrix using pic 18f2550 running at 48mhz(20mhz crystal) seven rows are scanned with cd4017 johnson counter 32 columns are driven by four 74hc595 shift registers scanning is done with a buffer array in timer0 overflow interupt at an in interval of 1.8 microseconds i made it to x-y addressable with the fo
hi, i created a 7X32 led matrix for text scrolling with the tutorial posted in Embedded Lab .com MCU IS PIC 18F2550 CRYSTAL 20 MHZ 7 rows are scanned with cd4017 and goes to uln2803 and to matrix 32 columns are driven by chained 4 74hc595 shift registers I can scroll text from right to left without any problem I need help to - scr
The contacts of the reed switch, any other mechanical switch or relay contacts bounce a few times when they open or close and the cd4017 will count every bounce. Then your counting sequence will get mixed up unless you use a debounce circuit or filter. I use TWO light bulbs in my washrooms in case one of them burns out then there is still l
Am working on led moving message everything working good i need help to get more colums using cd4017 or how to 3cd4017 together. thanks
Hello, Some of the basic electronic circuits, mainly consisting of 555 timer & cd4017 and also other ICs have a range of input voltages such as the circuit could function from 6V to 9V for example. How could this be justified and explained?
Hello, I need to use a 74hct4017 as a serial driven band pass bilter switching means. I need only 8 outputs instead of 10, how can these be done?
The 12V supply voltage is too high for the TSOP IR receiver (6V maximum) and also for the cd4017 in that circuit. Circuit designs from that website have not used datasheet information and simple arithmetic to select supply voltages and component values. The cd4017 has an output that drives a high current in the LED so its output transistor will be
When you clear the RESET on latches , the latches shouldn't keep a voltage it should be at zero volts 1.) When I switch on the Enable switch to the Latch CD4043 , It will output a +14 volt , why is that , it should be zero volts right? 2.) There is a cd4017 Decade counter before the Latch CD4043, The cd4017 Decade counter takes 3 seconds to
Since you want to know about a cd4017 IC then why didn't you look at the datasheet for the cd4017? It is made by many manufacturers and they all have a detailed datasheet for it that explains what is does.
Hello there,from the blog on want to drive three dot matrix with 74LS164 as serial -parrallel registers I am not coming to figure out how I can process for scrolling some three letters,can you please help. see example codes here below and the circuitshtt
hello guys i found a circuit below but that doesnt work exactly, i want to make it, like, it should ON/OFF relay 4 times and then stop until i cut power plz can any explain it and make it properly??? or any software simulation???? 93056 here is actual circuit but i want to reduce it to upper one to make it short n
I think you might run into problems with analog measurements, especially with voltage drift caused by changing temperature. I would go with the 'expander' solution. Use one pin to reset a Johnson counter (cd4017?), another to clock it, that gives you 10 sequenced drive signals to the keys and 4 inputs still unsed to read the keys back so even if
Gentlemen, I'm having problem displaying message on my 8x8 dot matrix display. I've modified a small c code rewriting it in C using CCS C compiler. In as far as my hardware is concern, I'm using a pic16f877a, a 74HC595, NPN transistors and a you would note in code, the serial data pin is connected to PIN_D2 and a function has been writte
I am working on a circuit that will control the selections on a arcade pcb. Basically I have a 6-in-1 arcade pcb switcher (a board that holds 6 individual jamma boards), when you press a button on a wireless remote it switches to the selected board. The wireless interface to the pcb board is very simple and has already been figured out by someone e
Maybe you need to have a timer and delay using a LM555+cd4017 70183 johnson counter for your 6sec delay ?
Try driving one by one in a loop at speed greater than 100Hz. Average currrent will be for sngle LED. For example drawing power to led from outputs of decade counter like cd4017, driven by a 1Khz clock input.
How to give an initial high signal to cd 4017 ic decade counter, when switching on time only?
cd4017, driving 10 small Fet's can provide 10 channels of 1/10 duty cycle and costant current on DC bus as required. Fet's, dont need to be of high voltage. If led is of 3.6V then 3.6x40=144V. For remaining 160-144=16V drop, a series resistor can also do the job. Put fet in -ve side with a series resistor. Resister value will be 1/10 times less tha
For the cd4017 I think it's not possible to get that sequence unless you are using separate decoder and counter circuits.
At first take a look at the datasheet of 555 timer(and study different mode of operation of 555 timer IC) and decade counter cd4017 load driver transistor drives the motor based on the PWM generated by 555 timer IC...
Hello, The circuit can be divided in to 4 parts for easy understanding 1) Monostable (IC 555) 2) Decade counter (IC cd4017) 3) Astable (IC 555) 4) Driving section (Transistors) Theme is to adjust the on/off rate of 555 timer (IC3) and correspondingly getting the different speeds. IC1 generates clock pulse or trigger when push button is pressed IC2
i need circuit for single push button switch to control a relay i use a circuit using cd4017 but it not working pls help me thanks
hi cd4017 is a decimal counter, use any output of pic write a time delay loop and use that as clock for cd4017, if you wish use a switch to pause the clock. you do not have to use the reset pin unless implementing divide by less than 10. if not using reset pin tie it to ground also tie the clock enable to ground.
Hai experts i made clap switch circuit using 55 and cd4017 But i haven't get output that is the CD 4017 not works correct .the input at the cd4017 pin (14) is OK but not get next lease give your valuable suggestion thanking you
I Have built 8x16 message bord sucessfully,it is working fine with pic16f84a but i can make it for 8x24 led. please help me to modefi this coad. PROCESSOR PIC16F84A INCLUDE RADIX HEX CBLOCK 20h ;******************************* ; 16x8 LED Charactor Moving ; Pic16F84A ;Shifting Led's using two cd4017 ;Written By 4Chamli Pri
if you want any counter like a 0-15 type to count to 10 simply route the output 9 bin pin to the reset pin use a diode if needed then when it gets to 9bin {state 10} then it resets to 0 basis of a pll 10 = 1010 bin so you need a 4 input or gate also or use some diode matrix to trigger a reset {mr pin} cd4017 rings a better bel
i do not want to use 555 as a switche. actually i want to control the blinking rate of leds. like cd4017 ic's blinking rate of leds are controlled by ne555 ic. that is my motto to make such circuit with the help of at89c2051. is any one can help me out? the ne555 will attached with at89c2051 in pin no p3.7 what is the asm code for it
Try looking up the datasheet for cd4017 : Here is a simple reference schematic: The output frequency on any output pin will be directly proportional to the input clock frequency (from the 555 timer). The output fr
I can't get a cd4017 to count properly. I made a bouncless switch out of a couple of inverters for a clock. There is a 5 sec pulse for reset on pin 15 and pin 13 is ground. It resets to high on the 0 output but after that everything is random including the carry output. It clocks on both the rising and falling edge of the clock. I handle the chips
If I understand correctly about your requirement, it can easily be accomplished by using a cd4017 ripple counter, NE555 timer IC and and array of diodes. The only drawback in my design is that there are no breaks between the R,R,R and G,G,G so it lamp is on for one continuous long duration.
hy everyone, i need a lil help with the cd4017. I can't find in any library a cd4017 that contains both Vdd and Vss, i can only find Vdd ones. Can someone tell me a librabry that contains it or may the cd4017 can be modified to contain also Vss?
Hello i_sen86 I program pic's so I can't help you with the programming, but I have made a couple of scrolling message signs. one was with 74hc505's and the others were made with cascading cd4017's. When I do it again I will use the 4017's there cheaper and the program is easier to write. gogo
Hello sanjaya75s Heres a site that explains how the programming works. I built a bigger one using 74hc595 chip and a pic16F628a. It worked but I think my next one I will use cd4017's instead. I already cascaded them so I don't think it will be a problem expanding the talking c
HI ! I am working on moving message display using At89c52 ,74HC154,cd4017, BEL 157,and 7 rows x 50 colums ie 10 characters. pl any one have ASM Or 'C' code for above project ,pl send on my E-mail Thanks Kiran
Goto: where you will find several versions of LED sequencers based on the cd4017 counter .. Regard, IanP
hi everyone i biult a single character 5x7 LED display with a single cd4017 counter and it worked perfectly, but when i expanded the display to an 8 character 5x7 display(having 40 columns) and cascaced 5 counters there was a problem.the counters didnot count to the end they always stoped at a certain point.i made use of the cascadin
hi everyone i biult a single character 5x7 LED display with a single cd4017 counter and it worked perfectly, but when i expanded the display to an 8 character 5x7 display(having 40 columns) and cascaced 5 counters there was a problem.the counters didnot count to the end they always stoped at a certain point.i made use of the cascadi
One option is to use 4017 counter and configure it as "By-N-Divider" .. see picure below .. Regards, IanP
You may use cd4017 chip and connect outputs 1, 2, 3 and 4 throught diodes together for driving first fet and outputs 6, 7, 8 and 9 the same way to other fet. Outputs 5 and 10 leave nonconnected. In this way you will get two nonoverlaping stearing pulses for fet's. Clock for 4017 must be 10 times the output frequency.
hi! could anybody help me on a diagram bout a sequential output of 20 or more?? clock input is 1 Hz, the problem is I can make a maximum of 10 sequencial outputs only(using cd4017).. can cd4017 be cascaded for more outputs??? like after the 10th output, it would pass to the 2nd cd4017s 1st output and the 1st (...)