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Hi..... all..... I Need Datasheet for old (CRT TV) TDK Ferrite Transformer(EC40) ...... I want to remove copper wire and useing for a cdi BY UC3845 system;-) (
BTV58 is a GTO, not a regular thyristor. It's an obsolete part, because GTOs have been superseeded in all power electronics applications by IGBTs except for high power circuits (e.g. in HV-DC transmission). It would be wise to refer to a recent cdi design that does without GTOs.
My friend did you check speed of triac ? there is lots of cdi on Internet. Electronic Motocycle ignition cdi Honda C-90 This circuit is for 4 cylinder motor, Electronic Motocycle ignition for cdi Honda C-90. Use small circuit but good work. SCR 1 TIC106 Switching Component for drive ignition Coil to (...)
Hi everybody, I want to design a filter circuit which is used to filter the cdi(Capacitive Discharge Ignition) Signal which comes from cdi unit in vehicle. Basically cdi unit is used in Ignition cicuit of vehicle. normally this is signal of 250V with very less energy and is very noisy. I want to use (...)
i need for the sensor and how it's works. anyone have the schematic of Motorcycle cdi. thanks before
Hai all, Does anyone have any reference or anything describing system of cdi for 1 cylinder fuel engine (motorcycle). My friend need help to make the programmable cdi for motorcycle... Please help me everyone.
hello all... need info on how much current/voltage is supplied by a typical magneto/source coil......... by a 110cc 4 stroke engine... i tried to make a power inverter (12V-300VDC) but no success..... its a push-pull topology using SG3525 and IRF44 as switching... pri winding is 4T+4T #20 AWG magnet wire/ secondary is 58T #20..... its out
hi all! need help on this one... bitmap uploaded... that circuit is found on the input side of my cdi.... two zeners.... i dont understand HOW it operates... lets say each zener is rated 5V each.... does it clamp the input voltage for 5V??? or 10V?? thnx in advance....
Is there anyone have the circuit and the working principle for cdi?
Hello netsearcher, You could find some info about cdi systems in Solid-State Power circuits Designer's Handbook (Technical Series SP-52), The book is rather old, but usefull. Best regards
can any1 give me a circuit for capacitor discharge ignition using microcontroller. i had tried few circuit but it is not working properly. i found few pspice version also but no use can any1 give me working model of cdi sriram p.s: automotive electronics is a good field y dont we start for forum for automobiles
Request for Multi stroke cdi using PIC. Anybody has information, circuit and source code please help. Thanks in advance.