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Hi All, What is the difference between aucdl, aulvs and create cdl settings in PVS - lvs(schematic input section) tool. Please explain if any idea.......... Thanks, Bhanu
Hi, cdl refers to circuit design language i think mostly netlist level language format similar to spice and used in lvs and DRC .gds is graphic database system format is unreadable. It is a binary file format representing planar geometric shapes, text labels, and other information about the layout in hierarchical form. The data can be used to re
Hello friends, I wann make sure what type of cells needs to be included and which needs to excluded while dumping verilog from EDI for lvs run. Mainly my confusion is regarding ENDCAP ENDCAPTIE TBCAP TBCAPNW* CNRCAP* FILLTIE FILLTIEPW etc. Because i dont find cdl (spice) of all these cells in the cdl library. Im sure we dont (...)
check the cell_name and top level name in the gds and cdl should match. from the error it appears that GDS doesn't have the cell at all.... you can do strings it will give you the strings in the gds file....that should have the cdl top level subckt name.
How do You run lvs? In IBM0.13 You need to follow this instruction: 1. In schematic window: 1. Create netlist of schematic. From main menu → IBM_PDK → Netlist → cdl. In new create cdl window (at 1st run) fill a "Library name" and "Top cell" name fields with appropriate names. Change "run" directory if necessary (...)
Hi, When i am running Assura lvs i am getting mismatch between layout & schematics regarding the top cell pins (the pins are at the beggining of the top cell SUBSET definition in the cdl file). How can i prevent this mismatch? Thanks.
Hi All, I have imported a verilog design as a netlist view in cadence virtuoso, and now I am trying to cdl out for running lvs. I have a standard cell library, which has cells with symbol, layout and abstract views. On trying to cdlout I am getting an error that the cellviews are missing sim information which is indeed the case. Since (...)
Hi Manoj, Calibre needs Layout ( in GDS format ) & Source ( Verilog netlist ), which are dumped from the Implementation tools. Later, Verilog Netlist is converted into SPICE format ( cdl ). Now the calibre has GDS & cdl, it starts comparing the connectivity based on the Rules defined in the Rule Deck ( From Foundry ). Coming to ICC, This als
Hi ,I have the schematic and layout in cadence ic5141 and we used the schematic and layout to run lvs with assura tools ,it is sucessul.But I want to select the netlist cdl file to run lvs with the layout used assura .But I do not know the cdl file format like res cap bjt please help me !Thanks a lot!
Hi,all I want to run assura lvs with cdl file and gdsii,so the cdl file is like this: .subckt BJT_AREA40 C B E BJT C B E bjt area=40 .ends BJT_AREA40 .subckt 1 P1 P2 P3 xBJT1 _net1 _net2 _net3 BJT_AREA40 .subckt 1 .end Then I run completely. But That is a question about when we use different area device ,we will get different (...)
What is a characterization in physical design and what is characterization limit? Also how are the spice results after characterization different from the cdl that we are provided for lvs ?
(1) If I have device with multiplicity > 1, I have to generate cdl netlist and use lvs cdl mode. If I use VLDB mode, there will be error indicating multiplicity problems. Yes this is in effect unfortunately,i encountered such a problem with IBM cms9flp last avoid cdl netlisting and respective type of lvs (...)
To be easy, you can replace ND to N2 in cdl file. It is a txt format file. Then use new cdl file for lvs checking. Something wrong in your cdf change.
streamout will by default suppress p-cells as those are usually cadence specific and GDS is not There are options to keep them but that does not seem a good thing in your case If you want someone to check your design for you - cdl - GDS - lvs rule file specific to whatever tools he uses for verification - make sure port stamping in GDS is
i dont know if this is the right place for this sort of question but I want to automate lvs process in cadence. I'm thinking of (preferably small) skill code that does this : (1)opens a cell in the database in schematic view (2)write out a cdl netlist (3)opens layout view of the cell (4)does lvs on the cell (5)writes (...)
Hi Guys, What do the following variables mean? My file has the following commands: LAYOUT SYSTEM GDSII SOURCE SYSTEM SPICE LAYOUT PATH "A.gds2" LAYOUT PRIMARY "B" SOURCE PATH "C.cdl" SOURCE PRIMARY "B" lvs REPORT calibre_lvs.rep I am using the following commands to run lvs. What do these commands do? (...)
This looks older post - but not having right solution: Transistor level RCX, the input data source is lvs db. This is used to backannotate. If you are trying to create av_extracted view - run lvs with DFII schematic & Layout not cdl & GDS. For cdl GDS flow, create SPICE, Spectre, xDSPF, xSPEF netlist only, as an output from (...)
dear all, now,i need to run lvs for our all digitial project.the GDS file is gotten from a APR tool.but i only have the *.sp file about each standard cell.i can run lvs with *.cdl to run lvs with *.sp file ?thanks! BR
Hello, I couldn't find the solution of my problem so I hope to find an advice here. The problem is that Assura doesn't recognize the device described in the cdl netlist attached to aulvs cellView. I have a cdl netlist of some block (EEPROM) and a layout of this block. For this block I've created the aulvs cel
you can do it easily, but the main task is to prepare the runset file(Which contains the layout info, cdl info & Golden rule file info). Its been long time I worked on calibre, but I'm sure that you can do it. I think you do it easily with the help of shell scripting.