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Hi, How to generate eldo netlist from cadence schematic? "si" command is generally used for spectre,cdl,hspice netlist.. Is there a command for eldo netlist generations? thanks
This looks older post - but not having right solution: Transistor level RCX, the input data source is LVS db. This is used to backannotate. If you are trying to create av_extracted view - run LVS with DFII schematic & Layout not cdl & GDS. For cdl GDS flow, create SPICE, spectre, xDSPF, xSPEF netlist only, (...)
Hi everyone, I have a problem of netlist file conversion. I have simulated my design in spectre and can export netlist file (.cdl). Now, I want to use Nanosim for further simulation but Nanosim doesn't support .cdl file as its netlist (...)
I am trying to import some io cells for spectre simulation and am seeing some strange behavior. I have a map file that correctly identifies the devices and links them to the right pdk cells, however if a property is greater than 2 the following error appears in ni.err and the device is imported with a width of 0!! 65:MM2 Z A inh_vdde3v3 nwelle P
After I changed the model name in CDF, the spectre netlist uses the new model name in analog environment, but when I export the cdl netlist, it still uses old model name why? Cris
In case of DIVA,you have to ways at the least: In both of these two methods,you can simply treat the extracted view as a schemetic view.The you can: 1.Use the CIW->export->cdl->netlist,and modify the netlist to run spice. the extracted view,start tools-> the analog enviroment,the use (...)
1.export the netlist: icfb---export---cdl 2.change the netlist to spectre format spectre: spectre netlist Is this what you want?
I have the same question. And if use cdl out the netlist display nothing. Someone help this??
They all look like spice but have extention, like : *.bipolar cdl extention for dracula can be used with analog simulators like Hspice.