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Hi All, I have imported a verilog design as a netlist view in cadence virtuoso, and now I am trying to cdl out for running LVS. I have a standard cell library, which has cells with symbol, layout and abstract views. On trying to cdlout I am getting an error that the cellviews are missing sim information (...)
Hello! I've installed Cadence software on a RedHat4 server. Everything seems to run, unless the cdl Netlist Export. When I try File > Export > cdl nothing happen, and there is an error: *WARNING* (loadContext): context /installs/IC6.1.4/tools/dfII/etc/context/transUI.cxt already loaded
i dont know if this is the right place for this sort of question but I want to automate lvs process in cadence. I'm thinking of (preferably small) skill code that does this : (1)opens a cell in the database in schematic view (2)write out a cdl netlist (3)opens layout view of the cell (4)does lvs on the cell (5)writes (...)
Hi, In aucdl netlist generation, I want to generate the netlist shown below XI1 net16 gnd! / rnpoly2 rl=20 rw=2 .SUBCKT rnpoly2 MINUS PLUS rl=2 rw=2 RR0 PLUS MINUS 190*rl/(rw-6.2e-3) $ $W=rw $L=rl .ENDS But the generated cdl out file (File->Export->cdl) is XI1 net16 gnd! / rnpoly2 M=1 .SUBCKT rnpoly2 MINUS PLUS (...)
Dear all, If we use cadence icfb to cdl out the schematic to spice netlist, the default unit is meter. For example shown below: M1 A B C D NCH W=5u L=1u M=1 Now, I want to make the unit from meter to micron after cdl out. It must looks like : M1 A B C D NCH W=5 L=1 M=1 Anyone helps me?
When I tried to generate any cdl netlist from icfb, it always failed. The following error message is in the si.log file for ALL the PDK elements: Netlister: Can't find 'hnlcdlParamList' property for element 'xxx'. Netlister: Can't find 'hnlcdlFormatInst' property for element 'xxx'. However, if I cdl (...)
Hi, guys, i want change capacitor's cdf, and get capacitor's area in cdl file. who know how to edit the cdf? please help the detdail.
how to convert cdl to Schematic format? especially, about a resistor! for example, RR0 out gnd! 2k $ note: nwell is three terminal resistor. thanks. Samuel.
Hi, Dear All, Please help me this. My schematic has some resistance name like RR<1>, RR<2> ........... When I use si to generate cdl netlist, if I specify cdlNetlistType = 'fnl , it will fail and gives out info : ( explain "Error in evaluating property value: 'ancNetlistFileInstoutput()'." probeType "instance" (...)
Dear All : When I use virtuso todo cdl out , Sometime I forgot to "save and check" for schematic. Sometimes there are many schematic need to do "save and check", Does anyone have some function skill ? Or any example skill ? (1) Using skill that can auto to do "save and check" (2) Or auto to do "save and check" in some library Thanks
From the icfb File >>>> import >>>>>>cdl Fill out the form ensuring that the correct reference libraies are listed ie basic sample etc. It work for me! The only thing I dont have is the parmeter file. Try testing it on a very small schematic to start. "K"
for dracula LVS , I stream out cdl. but the *.cdl has not the parameter m of mosfet. How can I do? thanks in advance
have you select the option when you run the program to get the cdl? There is an option about the output is R value or W/L The worse is you modify by manual
cds_thru's may be due to assign statements in the netlist you imported. They may get converted into metal resistors in the cdl, or the cdl out may fail. That's is where I would check 1st.
Circuit designer provides spice netlist (cdl out with Cadence) to Layout engineer for LVS. The spice netlist is modified manually. So we can't assure the syntex is right. So I want to know if there is some tool that can be used to check the netlist and tell us the syntex error in it.
Dear Sir: when I use cdl out to export netlist from CADENCE composor to HSPICE... there is a line of "*.PININFO..." like: .SUBCKT sc_res_P2_2d34P A1 A3 CK<1> CK<2> CK<3> CK<4> CK<5> CK<6> CK<7> CK<8> +VAG VDD VSS *.PININFO A1:B A3:B CK<1>:B CK<2>:B CK<3>:B CK<4>:B CK<5>:B CK<6>:B CK<7>:B +CK<8>:B VAG:B VDD:B VSS:B MM0 net054 net
I have the same question. And if use cdl out the netlist display nothing. Someone help this??
who know how to use batch command "si" to cdl out netlist from cadence virtuoso editor tool?
>icms& at CIW File -> Export -> cdl at cdl out Run Form Library Browser -> cell -> view(schematic) (where your schematic is located.)