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please help me , my project is on femto cell uplink interference calculation in cdma . i have no idea about how to implement the project in matlab . so please help me. give me sample M file for that Plz did yoy find any simulation for the femtocell??
I do not see any reason why Ehsan-ullah we can not use cdma to increase capacity What access techniques are used in femto cells that you have studied.
matlab simulation for cdma 2000 for physical layer is available in matlab help. anyway, I am attaching the same for your convenience.
the problem is the software in any cell phone might have been written in such a way that audio received through BT port goes to the GSM/cdma modem in it or vice versa. So here your requirement is to route the voice from one headset to other with the cell phone as a router. I feel it is not possible just like that. May be some tweaking of (...)
Dear All I am working on a project. These are the details of it. I have two cell phones. I want to make communication between them using cdma 2000 technology. Kindly provide me some details if you have about it. I also want a simulation code of this project that must be run and simulate in MATALB. Please help me as soon as po
u cannot increase trnasmission power, but u can attach external antennas (e.g in cdma, on fixed terminals ) for reception and transmission. It will improve the quality. So, as whole answer of ur question is YES. Naveed
Hello, I intend to design a simple detector circuit for cdma cell phones. I am intending to base my design on the fact that the modulation scheme for cdma is fundamentally AM and therefore a simple AM diode detector would serve well. Is this idea ill advised? Please aid. Kotis
i'm student of gadjahmada university, indonesia.I'm in project about cdma cellbreathing simulation with matlab.Need help plz!
Are you looking for GPS signal information, or are you looking for information on GPS in a cdma cell Phone? Dave
nguyencamly, Here is a .xls cdma 1x capacity calculator and a .xls that caculates composite Ec/Io with several interfering signals present. The coverage for any given cell will depend on what frequency is being used, the terrain and clutter involved and how clean the Ec/Io values really are. Here is the free space loss calculation: Pat
Hi all... If 10MHz bandwidth is available per direction in a cellular system.... Is it possible to find out the number of channels (or equivalently the number of users in the cell assuming a single-cell system) The cellular system is cdma requiring 10kbps user signals with Eb=N0 of 6dB Will the result (...)
In GSM because is a TDMA system the voice quality is not affected by number of users in the cell. In cdma is different because there is more difficult to determine the cell capacity, which is dependent on the average level of interference between users. In GSM there are other factors that affect voice quality: C/I or SNR, Signal delay due (...)
what is the technology behind satellite phones. (in cell phones we call it as gsm/cdma, like that what is in satellite phones) can we use a satellite phone prepaid sim in a normal mobile. thanks
Hi everybody. My system is based on the ST20 Risc and has this features: 1- GPS computing 2- cell phone link (cdma/TDMA/GSM) with Voice (Hands-Free), Datalink and SMS 3- CAN Interface 4- 915 MHz RF link using Micrel MICRF500 5- All other I/O stuff being basically 8 In and 6 out for 24V/9A Basically goes on vehicles, gathering gps, allowing