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Hello, I know that in a cdma system every user should use mutually orthogonal codes so that data from different user can be separated in the receiver and we can create these codes, for example, using Walsh/Hadamard matrices or PN sequences. My question is, if a user is transmitting e.g. 100 symbols and there are 10 transmitting us
hello can someone explain how to implement 64 ary orthogonal walsh demodulation in simulink. i need it in cdma reverse link implementation. an urgent reply would be appreciated. 8-)
Walsh-Hadamard codes are very simply generated codes used in cdma downlink when transmission is synchronous, they are a set of perfectly orthogonal code generated as: H(0) = ; H(n+1) = ;
need a matlab code for occ-cdma system
hi iam doing ofdm-cdma matlab code. the problem when i simulate for 2 users i get the recieved data wrong or when try to simulate using raylighy channels. i cant decide what is wrong with the code if some one can help me thanks %% code clc clear all close all sf=64; user1=randint(16, 1, 2) user2=randint(16, 1, 2); % Create BPSK mod-dem
Hi to all, I have done some research on multicarrier cdma for a while by using the command hadamard to generate the orthogonal spreading codes of size L=2^n in MATLAB. I have recently seen that there might be some differences between these 3 codes. So my questions are: 1) is there any difference between 3 spreading codes: i) Walsh ii) hadamar
In book of Andrea Goldsmith, it is written that "TDMA, FDMA, and orthogonal cdma are all equivalent in the sense that they orthogonally divide up the signaling dimensions, and they therefore create the same number of orthogonal particular, given a signal space of dimension 2BT, N orthogonal channels of (...)
Why Complex numbers are used to generate Scrambling codes in cdma / Wcdma ? other way..why scrambling codes are complex numbers instead normal digital codes ? For Channelization codes orthogonal digital codes are used, then why same type of digital codes are not used for Scrambling codes ?
What is LTE? Is it related with cdma?
Hi, I did'nt understand what is meant by 'the users are effected by each other'.Infact, in cdma, each receiver generates a unique PN(Pseudo Noise)sequence.Hence,if a transmitter wants to send data to a particular receiver only,then it has to modulate its data with the PN sequence of that particular doing so, a particular receiver o
Hi, In cdma we spread the energy spectrum of signals over a large BandWidth using orthogonal Pseudo Codes. Say, if 4 users data is spread over a spectrum of X BandWidth. when user 1 despreads in that bandwidth using the code provided to him, the data of other users appear as noise to user1 over the X BW. So if number of users are incresed
(just an idea) As the cdma codes are orthogonal. If we correlate all the PN codes with received signal (considering that received signal is time aligned. Otherwise algo needs extension to consider delay or non-alignment), we will get different power level for all the available PN codes. Now set a threshold, from knowledge base, to consider vali
Hello Can anybody tell me briefly the difference between the followings: 1- OFDM 2- OFDMA 3- SS-OFDM 4- MC-cdma 5- GMC-cdma Thank in advance
Hi xinxin in cdma, Walsh code is for chanelization short PN code is for identifying the BTS long PN code is for identifying the MS all PNs and Walsh code are orthogonal code hope this help Thinh