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Please help me out in writing the matlab code for Optical cdma using On-Off Keying or IM/DD and OOC
Hi, I'm trying to obtain the Channel matrix (H) and code matrix for a cdma simulation. Basically, I need the channel responses h_i's for each user i=1,...,K. But when I use the matlab's Rayleighchan function it gives me the path gains for every symbol I transmit. What does that mean? I want to get the channel response for every user and say, if eac
Hi I am doing a project in MC-cdma that uses an MMSE receiver in matlab.I am confused regarding to its equation is it 1)w=H^H/(H^H +N0*I) 2)w=conjugate(H)/(abs(H)^2 + 1/snr) or 3)w=conjugate(H)/(abs(H)^2 + variance(noise)^2 *I) Also one further thing...does using an MMSE receiver require me to use pilot channels,etc for channel (...)
hi i am working on MC-cdma channel estimation cdma + OFDM(802.11a) i try two types of channel estimation : Block type and Comb type i am using matlab built in function (rayleighchan) more specificlly (stdchan) as follow: bitrate = 20000000; % Bit Rate ts (...)
i am simulating mmse rake using matlab , can anyone tell me the initial value of mmse rake fingers.
Hi Please help me out in writing the matlab code for Optical cdma using On-Off Keying or IM/DD
this is another link contains the specific eq. and my trial code and some explains for my problems regrdes
plz help me to plot the BER of the lower bound of time spreading OOC in page 244 eq. 5.18 in the attached file below regardes mohamed
hi, i write matlab code for ds-cdma system and using rayleighchan function , which is matlab built in function. H = rayleighchan (ts,fd,*10^-9,) my question is : how can i equilize the received signal to cancel the effect of channel? for example in OFDM system we can send a pilot bit to use it in receiver to
hi,, i am doing a code for MC cdma system using rayleighchan First of all i write a matlab code for OFDM-cdma system. the following picture shows the structure of the system i have some problem with the result : CP = 0 , CP = 4 (1/16 fr
Hi I have to submit my final year thesis on Design and Analysis of spreading code for Optical cdma for this I need matlab codes based on modified prime codes as spreading code used for optical cdma....CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME...urgent!!!!!
Walsh-Hadamard codes are very simply generated codes used in cdma downlink when transmission is synchronous, they are a set of perfectly orthogonal code generated as: H(0) = ; H(n+1) = ;
Hi, I need to simulate a cdma system using matlab, BPSK coded DS-cdma system with possibly a RAKE reciever and to be used further for channel estimation. I need some guidance for preparing the cdma system code then estimate the channel without bias and then add bias to the system and then estimate the (...)
hi, i have question ...i am doing my project on cooperative communication in cdma.. and for power allocation algorithm i am using Amplify and forward you have used the AF protocol with equal gain ... i am confused if i want to use different gain for source to relay and relay to to implement this...please guide me
I am working on project "Receiver Design For Cooperative communication".. so first task is need to setup cooperative system(cdma) based using matlab (equal gain) and second simulate power allocation algorithm and compare it with equal gain scheme .... matlab is new for me .....can anybody help me....for coding :???:
need a matlab code for occ-cdma system
How to calculate SNR_dB vs NUMBER OF USERS with code length of 16 using PN Sequence, M-seq,and GOLD sequence in matlab ...............plz anyone help me.................
I Need matlab code for Performance analysis of Multi- tone cdma using OFDM-QPSK......plz anyone help for me..................
Dear debeelab, Thanks for your reply and sharing the code. In your code you are using carrier. I just want to simulate simple DS-cdma for BPSK in AWGN channel. I have written a code and i can decode signals for different users when there is no noise. I am simulating for 8 users and using Walsh code. Now when I simulate using
Hi all, I am Iraqi PhD student in Malaysia now, in UKM , I hope to get the help to build a MC-cdma simulator using ns-2 , or matlab, and monitor the performance at various types of TCP on this simulator. Realy, I want to examine the performance of different types of TCP, such as, Reno, Tahoe, Snoop, Freeze, M-TCP, I-TCP,Vegas, and (...)