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Hi Folks, For clock and data recovery(cdr), Razavi's book says to design jitter transfer function to have low bandwidth to let the cdr loop to track the low frequency jitter from data input, and to reject high frequency input data jitter. My question is why not just design a high bandwidth loop so that it can track both low frequency (...)
Hi Do you know any good books on cdr or Equalizers? Analog or digital Thanks
Hi What is a good reference to learn cdr from? I tried to find the first 40 pages of tutorial by Razavi in his cdr book, but I could not. Is it good?
I am a newer for optical cdr,but older at frequency synthezizer will anybody offer some links or book at the cdr spec(sensititvity,UI。。。。。) and how it related to the detail pll specification like jitter、phase noise、loop bandwidth, thank in advance
There is a good chapter about cdrs in Razavi's book "Design of ICs for Optical Communications" , you can upload the book from the following link :
Razavi's book is a good resource. I always feel it would be interesting to use sampling data model, i.e. Z transform to describe cdr. It's very useful if you consider the statistic nature of transition density --- you won't be short of equations soon. A great benefit of using sampling model is : it can model the VCO transfer function accurate
SA, there is the Optical communication book by Razavi for cdr design and concepts , then i think u should refer to the papers by Broadcom and TI and many other companies like Xilinix,etc
what is main different between cdr and PLL?
Hello, Please, can anyone explain how does the Bang Bang Alexender PD work? How does it get lock? i need brief explaination, as i tried to see it in Razavi Optical communications book, but it's bit difficult, Thanks in advance, Ahmad,
I Need this book urgently Title: Cabling: The Complete Guide to Network Wiring, 3rd Edition Authors: David Barnett, David Groth, Jim McBee Publisher: Sybex ISBN: 0782143318
hello, i am in a cdr project and i have two questions:- 1- in dual loop cdr is the gm cell used with the phase detector is just a simple OTA , i cannot find any notes or what so ever about gm cell ,all i can find is about CP only, so if anyone have any knowledge about gm cells it will be great ,also if any pappers or books or... about gm (...)
There is a section for cdr in Razavi's PLL book.
Dear Sirs: I have designed the frequency synthesizer before. But, this is my fist time designing cdr. Which text book is suitable for designing cdr. Thanks a lot. BR. purefen
Yes, I've read Razivi's book on this subject. But , for almost cdr circuits , there are no frequency detector has wide capture range. That's the problem. My VCO always has large variation under process variations and voltage , temperature etc.
you can refer to this board The attached apps note doesn't tell anything about how cdr works, what the logic looks like, what the algorithm looks like. It's more like a manual for how to use the eval board from Philips. It's pretty useless ...