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A simple way to run the CD Rom Tracking Motor Using Microcontroller DIY YouTube - how to control cdrom Bipolar Stepper motor Regards Engr Asad Hameed
I am trying to install IC5141 on fedora 8. I followed all the install procedure from EDABoard. i had set the export_POSIX, changed to ncompress, and modified my *.c, vld files i added the error i got for reference, Checking for IC5141 lnx86 P/N 356-70352-0501 cdrom # 1 ......... Extracting control programs ......... Updating packa
Is possible to drive a SCSI device, such as hard disk or cdrom, with a MCU? I want to control a SCSI cdrom drive with a MCU, is it OK?
i am interesting making hard drive/cdrom enclosure to make connection uisng USB so anyone could help the circuit appreciate
hi, I attend Electronics Engineering at the Ege University.Isearc remote controls which you use in Creative these remote controls,which communation protocol is used?How much, bit of packet is each buton is sent?How many microseconds are clarified with one bit pulse and zero bit pulse in bits?what are the codes of butons? i am wai