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HEllo all I have some stepper motor's from hard disk and cdrom's(I heard that they are not stepper but DC brushless=??). I want to make controller for this 3 motors. Which circuit is the easiest and cheapest to make DIY controller for this 3 motor's. I would like to make usb driver not LPT(because I don't have LPT port on my notebook
who can help me ,i need pic16f877a to cdrom ide schematic diagram controller for playing audio cd in cd rom.:?::
cdrom AUDIO controller using Atmel is one project version_2 present to friends. I've recovered the, ehem, corrupted Eagle files which couldn't be opened. Additionally I've printed the schematics in PDF files for those of you not possessing Eagle. Btw. some infos are missing: the connections between the boards, some device
Hi Z80, A couple of things: 1. In the April 2004 Elektor, there is a project for a PIC16F871 cdrom controller. This just allows selection and playback of selected tracks - the audio output is used for the sound output. Remeber though that almost all cdrom's have a digital bitstream output - same format as S/PDIF, just needs level (...)
Im the "lucky" owner of an old ARCHOS 24x Pcmcia cdrom. and last night i took it apart (to bored :) ) and yes, as expected it was a 100% standard ATAPI Drive.. And Clever as i can be. i thought What would stop me from hacking it to do for a harddrive insted! there is no "intelligence" in the PCB inside the cdrom case, so alle conversion ne
Hi, I have a problem with a GCR-8521B (Sony CXD3045R controller) cdrom firmw. v1.02, controlled by a custom (8051 derivate) controller. It seems that the cdrom don't recognize the ATA Packet BBh command (set cd speed). The other ATAPI commands works correctly (play audio msf, read toc, mode sense etc.) and also (...)