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fmax follows Rgg*cds.
I need a scale-able high-current (5A) source at 48V supply voltage. I'm looking at this circuit from Linear Tech and it looks like a good starting place. Being able to scale the current by adjusting one resistor, and having the ground connected load, etc.. 129327
Your fets not good for Phase shift full bridge (PSFB). They have much cds capacitance, and also, the internal diode is relatively slow?and you make this worse by paralleling there are two to reverse recover?.and also? use two, so there is even less I(FET)*Rdson voltage to reverse recover the intrinsic diodes with. For PSFB, you mus
I run simulation using Spectre with BSIM 4.5 model . Once the simulation finished I do a print DC to print all like cds, Cgd and Cgs capacitance. I try to know how do those values come? Are they from model file or the equation inside the Spectre simulator? My experiment of DC Print. I have attached my value here . Post-layout simulation
Hi, cds stands for total drain to source capacitance. I only know dQd/dVs. Is there any other ways of getting it? Something like Cgs = Cox * Weff *Finger_Number *Leff * 2/3 + Cov*Weff*Finger_Number. Thanks,
In the schematic shown below, the ground terminal would act as you'll use a setup where cds and Cgs don't affect the Cdg (Crss) measurement.
Hi, I want to know how the spectre gives Cgs,cds and Cgd. Every time I do a DC print I could see a lot of parameters. 1. For the listed three, I am wondering how the Spectre gives them. Any equations? the Cgs in the DC print table showing the total parasitic capacitance between the gate and the source or the intrinsic one? 3.How
Hello, For a mains LED lightbulb to be Triac dimmble, it must also not have large capacitance on the primary DC bus I presume?..or else it will ring with the filter inductor too much when the triac snaps on? eg pg 16 and 17 of this triac dimmable pwm controller datasheet shows small dc bus capacitance..
Many informations missing, e.g. frequency, FET type, magnitude and waveform of the demodulating signal. It looks like you have much crosstalk of original signal. May be a matter of FET cds capacitance, missing bulk bias or unsuitable demodulation signal magnitude. I guess the "desired output" has been generated by using ideal switches or a behav
The Cdg ought to drop for a while as the drain junction pushes back from the gate, but will eventually flatline when the metallization fringing capacitance becomes all that's left.Right, I expect cds to drop off in an inverse square root manner to some flat minimum value as the depletion region grows, but that's
I've recently been looking at designing LDMOS RF amplifiers, and one of the issues we have is the effect of drain bias voltage and output power on output capacitance of the FET (cds). It occurred to me that one could maybe compensate out linearity in cds by using a combination of reverse biased diodes. I did a bit of searching for similar (...)
Do you mean drain-source capacitance, cds? I am not quite sure what you mean by source capacitance. Can you clarify? If it is drain-source capacitance, maybe you can setup a switching test and see rising/falling behavior and associate it with capacitance.
You should refer to the transistor level schematics of NOR and AND gate in your text book. It's no exactly clear, if the problem refers to gate input capacitances or total node capacitances (including output transistors). I assume the former, otherwise different capacitance values (Cgd, Cgd, cds) needs to be considered. (...)
Hi, I may be less intelligent than you , but I have done my homework .I already have this data sheet which I stated in my posts however it doesnt have the data which Im looking for i.e. Parasitic capacitance and resistance (Cgs,cds,Rs,Rg,Rd) . He didn't give the datasheet to you, he basically gave you a project fil
The importance depends on application. capacitance will influence the switch speed. Also cds will affect frequency compensation if MOSFET is used as amplifier. Source current will decide its driving capability. Hi, What is the importance of the Continuos source current, Gate charge(Qg), Gate-Source Charge (Qgs), Gate
How these figures are derived are based on a simplistic assumption of carrier distribution in the channel, and probably cannot be used for any practical use. The capacitance varies in the operating mode of the transistor, and a whole lot of other parameters. All you have to know is that cds is usually too small compared to the other (...)
Output capacitance has not a constant value ,instead it's Vds bias dependent( because, cds is a reverse polarized P-N junction..). So, when you increase/decrease your Vds, output capacitance will be influenced. Generally, output capacitance has a value inverse proportional to Vds (or simply Vcc)
Now, I want to design differential amplifier tused to substract the two signals from correlated double sample(cds). input signal range : 3~3.9, that is to Vin+ ≤3.9 and Vin-≥3. powe supply:5V frequencey:≥5M load: capacitance:15p anyone can give me some advice? thanks. samuel.
hi..... what is the drain to source capacitance of the irf840.... in data sheet there is a parameter named: Output capacitance : Coss is this same thing with the drain to source capacitance of the mosfet (cds)... i am designing a resonance ZVS dc-dc converter and i need the cds value of the irf840