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That's not a circuit. It's a voltage and "ceiling fan resistance", whatever that it.
I was trying to switch some AC appliances (ceiling fan 75w, LED bulbs etc.) Till now I had tried switching using BT136, but I am planning to take it to another level. So this is what I came up with so far, 1) I will need a MOV for over voltage. 2) Snuubers on triac and gate 3) Some inductor to supress transients further (I am still reading a
Hi, I have controlled the fan speed by TRIAC,I can regulate the ceiling fan step by step with phase angle control method.but i got little bit of noise from how can i regulate the fan speed smoothly without noise. I have attached my circuit diagram and waveform.
Hi everyone I am trying to control the speed of the ceiling fan using a triac. I am using phase control method to vary the speed of the fan, I am able to control the speed of the fan using my program, but at lower speeds the fan makes a lot of noise, is there a way to avoid this noise?
Hi forum, I want to simulate home wiring into Protues 8 SP0. I have 230V 50Hz system. I want to simulate Simple Home Light Bulb, Tube light and ceiling Fan. So first I just picked up Alternator from "Simulator Primitives" and placed AC Voltmeter across it. I have set Amplitude = 230V and Frequency = 50Hz for Alternator. But I got 162V in meter.
Relay reliability is not a mechanical or a coil driver issue but a load surge current issue. Thus all contacts are derated for motors and incandescent strings of ceiling lights due to surge currents. Read details from OMRON's website.
IoT is creating increased traffic on the internet, and it's bound to increase exposure to hackers and malware. It will help if you can find a better way to prevent these from getting into people's computers. It's not so bad if malware were to make my ceiling fan turn on at odd times, but it's another thing if the fan starts talking to my Windows ma
any of the other parts or wiring error
Hello, We are designing a 100w ceiling suspended led light (powered by mains psu which sits up above the ceiling). The light will have a buck dimmer circuit with it, which is obviously separate from the mains PSU. The mains PSU will be an LLC resonant converter. The suspension wires will be long so we want the output of the mains PSU to be
I did some search in this regard and I found out that some organization did carry out some comparison studies. Here they figured out the PF to be 5 for all the fans from different makes. By using BLDC motor and energy efficinet design the PF could reach to more than 90%. h
make a drive... by varying frequency you can control the speed u can use pwm ic like SG2535 IC or microcntroller and use igbt or mosfet for h bridge inverter. also try with triac.. ceiling fan speed is controlled by Triac
113322 Actually in ceiling fan Starting coil and running coil out put is 4 wires 2 wires starting and 2 running starting one wire and running one wire attach balance two wires are connect the capacitor 230v phase go to start and running attaching wire neutral goes to capacitor depending on rotation clock wise and anti cl
Greetings, Does this circuit work well? Application : to control speed of ceiling Fan or to control brightness of a Light bulb. Components : MOC3021 (optocoupler), BTA12 600 (TRIAC) 110117 Thank you !
ceiling fans contain unconventional motors. They must run slowly, hence their design is different from typical AC motors. From your photograph, the windings are numerous and complicated, more so than in a conventional AC motor. This would discourage me from trying to unwind and rewind all those wires. Like yourself, I have never seen an explanati
You have too many threads about your noisy printer room. In your first thread you were told that using sound absorbent material for walls, ceiling and floor will reduce the average sound level. Of course earplugs should be used by workers but I recommended noise cancelling headphones.
Some of my solar garden lights have a single LED with red, green and blue chips inside and also inside is an IC that sequences the colours slowly. I made "mood lights" that shine on the ceiling with millions of different colors. They use red, green and blue LEDs, each with its own fading oscillator.
what is the relation between supply voltage and threshold voltage? is it true? 0.2*vdd < vth < 0.5*vdd i want to increase vth to decrease the static power. so i dont know where is the ceiling! if you know any book that may help me. i would be glad to know . plz help tanx
I need to slowly DIM and slowly make a LED brighter. The LEDs are ceiling lights may be in the range of 6W-12W. it is having a SMPS already there. So I plan to introduce a MOSFET between the SMPS and LED which in turn will PWM'ed from a Microcontroller. This is my plan and I tried it, but the dimming is not smooth especially in the extreme low bri
I need to slowly DIM and slowly make a LED brighter. The LEDs are ceiling lights may be in the range of 6W-12W. it is having a SMPS already there. So I plan to introduce a MOSFET between the SMPS and LED which in turn will PWM'ed from a Microcontroller. This is my plan and I tried it, but the dimming is not smooth especially in the extreme low bri
If the hub is powered, it should have a rating on the wall wart. That could serve as the upper ceiling of possible current draw from your devices combined.
Hello sir i want to drive aceiling or a table fan without using invertor but with a 12 volts battery & circuitries related . . please help
yes - math.h is the one you need for floor and ceiling functions
Hi, I want to design a circuit to control speed of an ac motor (eg. a 230V, 100W ceiling fan). I have seen links where they use RC circuit with a diac and a triac to achieve speed control. I just want to know how do I calculate optimum values of R and C for dimmer to work. Please help! Thanks..
I think your ceiling fan rpm is quite ok which is 300rpm. Length of blade is 1.91 feet? i think it is the blade span. Then you calculate rps. Ok. You get the data as cm/sec, then convert to miles/hr. Is that right? So you need the Tip speed? More info here:
hows the speed of a Kitchen Mixer or a ceiling fan is regulated? for example assume a AC motor with these below ratings 230V AC 50~ Hz power supply Power ratings 500Watts 18,000 RPM so how is the speed regulated in this type of motor? a high power resistor is used to reduce the voltage or to reduce the current it is receiving? and
Guys, Need your ceiling fan(KDK-remote control) suddenly become slow and remote control not functioning.any idea???thanks Replace batteries, they can shows good voltage but on load, voltage rapidly go down, due to some internal chem material failure. In this situation batteries cant supply needed
Martec?s RF (Radio Frequency) remote control suits most Martec ceiling Fans. The Martec Premier remote control is both stylish and of course of the highest quality, featuring 3 speed fan includes-->Radio Frequency -->Light On and Off Button -->3 Speed High Medium and Low -->Includes Wall Mounting Bracket and 9 Volt Battery
hi guys in my house, i have ceiling fan, but when choose the lowest speed of ceiling fan by fan regulator ,the ceiling fan is rotate very quickly. now my question is: can i put variable resistance in series with the output of regulator of ceiling fan in order to decrease the speed of ceiling fan??? the (...)
Does anyone out there have any suggestion on the design of a low profile ceiling mount for LTE? Antenna type etc. ( No higher than 40 mm and L x W < 100 x 100 mm^2) Also the H plane pattern must be omni directional and across all bands. Gain 0 - 3 dBi All suggestions welcome
Hello Everybody, Can Anybody help me to Design a Remote Control Circuit for controlling ceiling fan, Light, Power & Other home appliance ?? Br REZA
What kind of circuit is used to control the speed of the single phase induction motor of the commercial ceiling fan and table fan.
About the rotation of a ceiling fan: A single-phase capacitor start induction motor uses a capacitor during starting and while running gets disconnected after providing that starting torque. Now my doubt is whether if i remove the capacitor(i.e. no starting winding now) and then switch on the fan, and rotate it manually in direction, will it pr
Main task of the system is to detect presence of people in a room by lighting up LED strips which illuminate the ceiling (7 meters of white strip 2700K). Clicking the switch enables additional lighting in the form of
This project can be a part of architecture of lights in the house. Nowadays the energy saving target is really important, so the light was based on LEDs in various forms. They are LED ?bulbs? in the housings for typi
Hi All, I am designing a microcontroller based home automation which will derive 10-16 12V 5A relay through RF transceivers. i am using ULN2804 to drive the relays. in the contact side the relay would drive loads like ceiling Fans, lights and other home appliences for long periods. what sort of EMI protection should i have on the circuit. As ULN28
ceiling fan works on AC mains 50 / 60 Hz, it does not seem a good idea to control speed by frequency control using microcontroller. If at all a microcontroller is to be brought in, stepping or switching using a triac can be considered. A Raoof Khan
is an auxiliary, miniature metal detector, which can be used for precise location of small metal objects in the ground. Using this device, it is also possible to specify the location of metal pipes in the wall or reinforcement rods in the ceiling, which is important when drilling holes
Try to decrease the step ceiling. Note that your command .TRAN 1m 1 uic is not optimal: the first number 1m has no effect to the simulation run; you have not set the step ceiling, thus it is defined automatically as 1/50=20ms and it is too high. Try the following: .TRAN 0 1 0 1m uic Then it works in PSpice. I do not work with LtSpice, thus I
Depending on the fin angle the fan needs to rotate in one direction to pull air and in the reverse direction to push air, I don't think there is any relation with the kind of fan (table or ceiling) and the rotation direction. Alex
User ?kumooo? shows how to convert a LAFAYETTE CB ATENA radio so that it could fit in the space between a ceiling lining and car?s roof and matches the car?s interior to avoid having cords lying around the whole car.
Your doing it wrong, you want the answers before you know the questions First you should be listing your requirements: Eg What environmental conditions must the enclosure cope with How much heat must it dissipate Maximum weight and weight of components within What should the cost ceiling be i'm sure your capable of thinki
I need some help with my controls class project. I'm designing a control system to keep the light level in my room constant across the day by adjusting the blinds and the ceiling lamp. To do this I made a system of 4 LDR sensors, 1 per corner. Unfortunately since I don't have access to a light meter and I'm not confident in the formula I deriv
I am working on a design for a MIMO WiMAX indoor distributed antenna system. The system will be running on MIMOA (diversity) mode. What I want to know is this: if we are using ceiling mount omni antennas, what would be the correct spacing? I was told 3-6ft, but this seems like quite a bit of variance to me, and most likely was the answer just b
Dear All, I need to control the speed of common ceiling fan using a Triac/dimmer I know about a dimmer circuit but it uses a POT. I want to design a digital dimmer which get some Analog Voltage/or PWM from MCU and control the speed or please tell me any other way i can do this.
hi everyone , i want to ask on how to deal with PIR sensor...PIR sensor is basically a motion detector that detect in this case, i would like use that sensor to act as as input to my ceiling fan controller( using LM35 sensor)... the problem is, this sensor only operate as the motion goes through. while in my project i would like to u
I would like assistance to know how can i detect a human passing by through a sensor on the ceiling. What kind of sensor can be helpful.:idea:
Hi all I am using a code to calculate the floor of the log2n of a variable. Its supposed to be like this floor(log2n(variable)). However the code that i tried using is meant to calculate the ceiling not floor. It works fine for ceiling. Can someone please tell me what changes i can make to it so it starts calculating floor instead. Thanks a
Dear All, I am trying to implement 0-230V variable voltage control to my high voltage power supply. I am using a ceiling fan regulator to do the same. But I am not able to control the voltage. When I keep the regulator in off position, I am able to keep the power supply to the module switched off. However, when I turn on the knob, the voltage is
What is the difference between general purpose and PFC capcitors. Why not a normal capacitor being used in a ceiling fan etc. can be used for PFC? What means KVAR rating on PFC Capacitors. Thanks all in advance.
Hi , i would like to control the switch of the ceiling fan rather than AC ceiling fan using PIC 16F877- basically just to show that motor speed can change... Isn't ok i goes with this idea? here is simple diagram of switch-ceiling fan..