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SPEF file has R and C values which the STA tool uses to calculate and arrive at cell and net delays and compute the crosstalk information. SDF has annotated delays (...)
In any timing report you could know the part due by the trans, the net delay, the cell delay.
Negative net delays can be seen due to following reasons : voltage scaling threshold scaling crosstalk delay effects Voltage Scaling when you use different supply voltages in Signoff and If you do not define a global operating condition, the default operating condition for each library is used. (...)
Wow this is an extremely vague question that is hard to answer easily (even in a semester worth of EE class). Quick summary: 1. Before any cell delays/timing can be done, the manufacturer (TSMC, Xilinx, Altera, SMIC, etc...) has to characterize the cells. They do this by ploping down hundreds (if not (...)
I haven't done CTS at multiple corner but I would assume its due to skew variation as you mentioned. Skew can vary across corners because metals and transistors scale differently. ex. from bcs to wcs corner your net delays may scale by 3x while your cell delays scale by 2.5x ( i made these (...)
yep, kumar is right, delay of any cell depends on input slew and o/p load , when we insert buffer in the net , it divides the cap, that improves output load at driving cell , which intern improves delay of driving cell and even the slew, (...)
The path delay is the sum of cell delay and net delay, both these two delays are related to cap loading which consist of wire cap load and input cap load, how does Astro estimate the wire length and extract wire cap at pre-route stage such (...)
SPEF has parasitic information. only capacitance and resistance values are annotated on the nets when you use spef and the cell delay come from library and calculted based on loading of each cell. With SDF all net (...)
In the sdf can see the net delay and cell delay.when simulation,How to calulate the path delay by simulator.does it just simply add the delay of all the nets and cells through the path. thanks