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What you call "shielding" may in fact be unacceptable clock branch loading. Cut radiated emissions but push more current spikes into the power/gnd planes (or more likely, the spindly little busses you see in Big Digital cell libraries). Maybe you'd be better off routing complementary clock pair and criss-cross it every so often so that "far" fiel
Hi sarfaraz, you should not include library cell like that, point 1: doing simulation on verilog /vhdl code is called functional simulation. point 2: doing simulation on the netlist is called GTS (gate-level simulation). I think you are trying to do point 2. first do the synthesis, synthesis will produce a netlist file which contains all the map
Hi all, I have a question about the orientation of pad cells. After checking the design before the placement(check_physical_design -stage pre_place_opt -display) I am receiving these kind of warnings for 22 pads: The orientation of the fixed cell 'vdd4left' does not match legal orientations.Ignoring the legal orientations. (PSYN-256) Does any
Hello, I would highly appreciate your help regarding physical library link with the logical standard library. Although it seems fine for me, but maybe I am missing some concept. I am running through Synopsys Design Compiler flow. I downloaded the saed90nm educational library from Synopsys However I am facing problems while trying to cre
Power routing is often a built-in feature of standard cell libraries, at least the local power routing that runs on metal1. I would do a rough power hookup first, at a relaxed row pitch, then clock, then data, then tighten up the whole core (possibly revising power) once you know what you've got.
Hi, I meet a problem, the speed of standard logic cell is not enough. I wish to know the how much custom cell can faster than standard logic cell? Please help me, thanks. John
Hello, The following log is printed when run DC synthesis. If I operate the "insert_dft", the process will be broke off, I have no idea to resolve the problem, Can anyone help me? insert_dft Warning: The following synthetic libraries should be added to the list of link libraries: 'dw_foundation.sldb'. (UISN-2
Process corner, voltage, temperature, number of tracks (i.e. cell height), threshold voltage, channel length, whether specific cells are available (E.g. UPF support).
Do you need to do that? Some foundries insist to do it in their CAD group, not trusting the dumb customer. See if any of the libraries (like the one with the pads in it) has a "scribe" or "die seal" Pcell? No way would any foundry want you to free-hand it, there's a standard they want to see and either they provide you a good cell that (...)
Currently, I'm doing my project in 90nm Synopsys cell library. Is there any way to get 180nm design library from Synopsys? I have access to Synopsys Solvnet portal.
The CCS is representation of the current waveform that cell provides with a particular slew and load. In sub-micron technology the output current thereby voltage waveform is more complex than linear representation. the voltage dependent current source creates a realistic waveform at the output. That "wave" is used as propagation and that is what ma
What are these hn, nn cells in tsmc cell libraries? Regards
1. Difference between target/link libraries. 2.How to solve timing issues? 3.What are the different kinds of cells used? 4.Characteristics of H & LVT cells.
Hi, How can timing optimization be possible by using MVT libraries and Resizing of the cells ? and what are other timing optimization techniques being used during synthesis process. Please elaborate ? Thanks Limitless_21
DEF: design exchange file/format, could contains, netlist, routing, via, nets... LEF: Library Exchange File, define physically the element (std cell-memories-pads...) Captable: is precompute capacitance table to estimate the delay due to nets. wireload model: basic estimation of the network delay into the path delay. PLE flow: the network del
Hi, I have to setup the following pdk .35um 85v Dongbu kit. I have downloaded the kit from their site. But the issue is there are no standard cell libraries , IO_cell libraries along with the pdk. Any idea where can i get these standard cells and IO libraries ? Also the pdk is for (...)
Hello all, I'm trying to design a reversible circuit and calculate its area, power and delay on different standard cell libraries (like 135nm, 90n, 65nm, 45nm, 25nm etc). I'm new to Tanner EDA and have seen people doing it. I've gone through different links people have provided time to time but most of those links are not available now. As a fre
Hi, I need to compute the post-layout power consumption in SoC Encounter, however, for creating power grid libraries it requires an ICECAPs technology file. I am using TSMC 65 nm general purpose standard cell library. Does any one have some experience in dynamic power analysis with SoC Encounter to help me in this issue? Regards, Mojtaba
They are simulation based. The stdcell .lib has thousands of std cells and measuring them to create a model is not realistic.
Liberty file contains a simplest timing view (simple versus spice), functionality description, power information for the std cell and any macros you need. I will say all synthesis tools must have this one to be able to transform a RTL code into netlist. And also the liberty must contains at least a flop and a AND gate.