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Hi all: I plan to buy a new laptop to install a Linux OS and EDA tools (ic5141, laker and calibre ...) But I am not familiar with these, so Could you give me some information that you have install them in your laptop: 1. which laptop (ex: acer Aspier S7-391-53334G12aws07) 2. which linux os (ex: centos 6.0 64-bit) 3. EDA tools (...)
centos 6 works fine with most EDA tools. Just installing missing libraries if encountered issues. Even ic5141 can work well with centos 6.
Hi everyone, I'm using ic5141 on centos and I newly installed Assura 3.1.7CDB. The problem is that the Assura menu is not imported to the layout window. I guess that has something to do with setting the env variables in .bashrc, I read previous topics explaining how to do so but I couldn't make it work. (Also I don't have a license file on (...)
CentoOS 4: I'm not sure you can find rehl 4 easily and even if you can I don't know how legal it is and how it is with updates. You can have any distro for day to day use and have all the files of a centos 4 install into which you can chroot when I want to run the software. I've been testing also wit
I have ic5141 and Assura 3.12 on my pc with centos 4.5. When I tried to DRC with assura, I got the error message: "Failed to build VDB. Cannot submit DRC Run". In the log file I saw "error: Illegal modifier: "withIntersection" Please, help me Thanks
Use centos 4.3 better if without updating to 4.4 I think that for ic610 you have no problem also with centos 4.4