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Do the dkit mismatch models work correctly when resistors which should be matched are not in common-centroid layout? For example, a coleague designed a bandgap reference, and its design has three resistors that should be matched, but when he draw the layout, he put the three resistors in thi way. R1 R2 R3 (R1, R2 and R3 (...)
Any suggestions, thoughts, hints? Process variation of (resistor) values is in the order of ?30%, PVT variation easily may reach -50/+100%. You can never rely on absolute values of IC resistors. Analog designs always should depend on differential accuracy of symmetrical (common centroid layout) devices. If you n
I layout two 1.297K resistors. Each resistor have been divided into four parts and each part have five unit resistor in series. Common centroid technique is used to make sure they have good match. Here is the problem: DIVA LVS said layout and schematic are matched, however, Assura LVS show that they are not mached for same layout and schemati
Kindly find this layout guidelines you can take some of them according to your case 1. CP Matching the current mirrors 2.Filter Common centroid Layout for the Capacitors & resistors Use resistors Dummies 3.VCO Keep it away from any nose source like Dividers and clock trees matching for the diff pair (if any) but not to use (...)
Interdigitation just means that the devices (transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes) are distributed in an interleaved maner. For instance imagine that you must match two devices (A and B) composed by 4 unit devices each: ABABABAB ---------> If there is a gradient in this direction component B is more affected than component A A common cen