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Ordinary cfl bulbs cannot be used with dimmers unless the ballast is compatible with dimming.
Hello friends i am using this inverter from last 3years. Recently i observed that the output is 282 volt ac on ups. This voltage is causing some problems with my home cfl and led lights... Please provide any solution. Thanks
Does external display work? Did you disable onboard? Does backlight cfl work? was it ever dim or pinkish?
So if I completely rewind it, I can use it for say 5v, 1amp etc, at 50khz. worth a try? In a suitable SMPS circuit, yes. It would have little in common with the cfl inverter. You have to design the SMPS circuit, e.g. using an switcher IC from or separate switch mode controller and MOSFET. Why not get you a ready-made
NOrmally these are cfl tubes 2~3mm diameter. Digikey stocks many lengths. When they wear out they consume excess current then the HV converter shuts off. So its either item. trace the cfl wire pair. Newer ones will be LED backlight. open it up and find out which type you have.
I need to design a ballast circuit for cfl tubes but I am not so familiar with them. They are in different range of power. Could any one please help how can I have some information about these ballast circuits?
I meant that the UPS needs to run minimum load . cfl has about 10-30 watts only , .. Why would a UPS need a minimum load? It has a very small low power battery which would produce only 48W for 1 hour. It sounds like he is connecting a 12VDC cfl to the output of a 230VAC UPS so of course the UPS is overloaded.
i have a SMPS : the ratings are: 250VA i/p . battery i/p 12V. now how do i decide battery AH? say i want to use 20W 4 cfl tubes for backup time of 1 hour.
Why no negative bias on PD with C6 blocking DC? Why no DC bias current for U1-B pin 8 (+) with high R to Vref. What is 3kHz that you need? What Bandwidth for low and high frequency filters? What are the spikes from that you dont want? Freq? PW50 amplitude after 1st stage? Keep in mind wide spectral sensor will amplify cfl and fluorescent light
what does points 1&2 meant for?? and Q1, Q2, Q3 & Q4 ? i have a 500mh transformer, could that be used? load is the point where we could add my cfl? 1 & 2 are clock signals, or pulse trains. These turn the transistors/mosfets on and off. Q1-4 are customary transistor labels. The scope traces are labelled too.
I am working on a cfl of Philips make, 11 watt, 220-240 V, 50 Hz. There is a component called F1, that looks like a resistor, having 4 bands yellow violet black gold. Is it a fuse? if yes what is the value?,
Take out the snubber (C3 and R4). The electrolytic capacitors in cfl can receive enough charge for flashes that you observed.
Hello, I am working on an unconditionally stable FDTD scheme (like ADI-FDTD). When dt is above the cfl bound, what I noticed is, the scheme works fine for certain time steps -- until the gaussian incident pulse makes the turning (at the lowest or uppermost peak). Then after this turning FDTD becomes unstable. The scheme works fine when dt is be
I have got a 2 pin 9 W UV lamp. In order to turn-on the lamp i need an electronic ballast. The ballast unlike cfl must give two pin outputs. And I have got ballast from my cfl lamp and it has got 4 output pins. Are there ant ways so that i can use 4 output ballast for 2 pin lamp. Thanx in advance !!
Supposing I have two lights, one LED and one cfl. The cfl took much energy to produce because the glass had to be smelted, and that glass tube cannot be re-used unless smelted back down. The LEDs would have a Perspex cover, which presumably takes less energy to manufacturer than the glass tube of a cfl? Also, the Perspex cover over (...)
Hi from tl431,regulated from a SLA battery of 6v. this is an opamp comparator circuit i made to cut off the cfl emergeny lamp i made months ago. the problem i am facing is that this circuit puts off oscillations,but again SLA battery recovers voltage to to b
Hi all, I am trying to develop a low voltage cut off circuit for lead acid 6V.Can anyone pls guide me. This circuit is to cut off a cfl emergency circuit i made from junk(thanks to chucky for his help) I am trying to avoid the relay.i used LM 358 as comparator. but it seems failing. pls help.
Hi all, Is it possible for a cfl to produce Skin effect ? The working frequency is 13 KHZ, material is aluminium coated over plastic( reflector+ holder),approximate voltage is 300 V. the current should be around 40 mA.
Hi i am new for this forum i want to make DC 12v to 20w cfl without any modification in the cfl and low cost can some one give me best way for do this please help me thanks Can you elaborate this? You can buy factory maded 12V cfl in shop. Better look for led based lamps.
Just use then as normal switches, cfls only cause problems when people try to dim them. I switch them here with simple triac circuits without any problems. Brian.
Hi goldsmith, actually i am new to circuits like joule ringers and royer oscillators. This is a cfl driving circuit for 9w 6500k with self start. The schematic seems very similar to royer oscillators. I found this circuit is running in 13 khz (primary),attempted to make one like the transformer in this. Even if i try to make exact same turns i
89233 Pls can any one explain how this cfl circuit works ??? I am trying to reverse engineer this circuit. I am not sure how it selects frequency 63 KHZ, how this circuit is designed to provide HV DC for cfl. pls help. - - - Updated - - - sorry there is a mistake, the bobbin size is e25.
hello sir i want to drive a commonly available cfl (fluorescent lamp) of 15 watt by the means of a 6 volt 4.5 ah battery available in emergency lights . i searched it , but came to know about it only but couldn't find any circuit or unit . . . All the available units are designed for 12 volts battery but my aim is drive it with 6 vo
CAN ANY ONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW I CAN DESIGN A ROYER CIRCUIT FROM SCRATCH... My purpose is for driving cfl tubes. I am totally newbie to ferrite transformer winding the retailer, I hear there are some sizes and types too.I am totally confused about this LC circuit frequency selection.
I don't believe that the suggested detection methods work. There's no easy way to distinguish daylight clearly from a collection of different artificial light sources, e.g. incandescend light, HID, white LED, cfl. They have all different spectral characteristics and NUV or NIR intensity may be lower as well as higher than daylight. A resolved sp
basically these are high voltages transistors which are widely used in cfl BULB(ENERGY SAVERS LAMP8714287143). you can find out these from cfl BULBS
Hai friends, I want a internal circuit of cfl bulb for PCB Project. if you have that circuit please sent to me. Thank you Salim
You need one of two things, before making calculations. 1. LDR data. 2. Precize LUX meter. In redneck style you can use LDR to some well known light source as new cfl lamp (you can see how many lumens lamp have on lamp box), and meter light with LDR, then use opamp to make 0-5V range for uC ADC input, and make calc. See this t
Yes, it is possible, but the voltage must be stepped up. The cfl may be run from a high voltage DC supply. So, just stepping up the 12VDC to around 300VDC should be enough. Here's one simple circuit you can use: Hope this helps. Tahmid.
What a coincidence, I'm currently doing the exact same thing. If the wave isn't propagating properly, its most likely a cause of your discretization. Are you meeting the cfl condition?
The black deposit is sputtered electrode metal. In a first order, it represents the accumulated energy that runned through the tube, similar to the "blackening" of cfl lamps. If you review the datasheets, you'll notice that flast tubes have rather finite life times. I don't think that any of the listed "causes" has considerable influence, apart
Maybe CRI? Also the latter one seems to have additional tests performed for relative chromacity v temperature and current, and can be driven at higher temp. The odd colors is the one reason people get annoyed by "upgrades" to LEDs or cfl for home lighting..
Self Oscillating 25W cfl Lamp Circuit
Hi, I am looking at methods to dim a cfl as conventional method does not work. Please suggest a circuit that can control the dimming of a cfl through a microcontroller on a 230V ac line. Thanks in advance!
this is a 32 watts 220V ac cfl lamp when it is switched off for the night the lamp flickers or rather blinks at regular intervals of approx 1 minute even though there is no power supply to the bulb Can anyone please give an explanation why it is behaving in this eerie manner at night? thanks Most probably as i guess t
Has anyone tried building this schematic found at this is the circuit i wanna make a PCB Layout of the circuit.. any one wanna help me out.. i wanna try this with some of my burnt cfl bulbs.. thnx in advance.
Hi friends, I have a few questions... > I saw document for cfl lamps circuit In that they are discussed about d resonance . Actually, My mind is focused on Why d Resonance is applied/used for this application? >>and what are the other applications using resonance?(find attachment) > I got one simple idea to add this one battery in
Hi I am looking to produce a design for cfl running DC supply, Without using Inverter. Anyone Know this knid of design, Please send me the related document, images and web-links. Thankz for the reply.........................................
It may be a problem with noise affecting the microcontroller and nOt the IR receiver. Are the supply lines properly filtered? Maybe you need further filtering. I have encountered such a problem in the past and the problem was due to noise affeting the microcontroller. That circut was used to control a cfl. The solution was: placing 100nF capacitor
I am not sure if it is of use to you, but the LT1170 has an application not for use as a Ccfl driver. See page 14 of the datasheet and AN45 for a bit more information I have used those principles for a Hcfl driver. The LT1768 may b
More information needed: 1. what is the triac type and rating? 2. what are the cfl ratings (voltage, power) ? 3. what power source are you using (voltage, AC/DC, generator)? Under normal circumstances it is quite safe to leave the gate voltage on all the time, either you are using mismatched cfls and triac or you are driving the gate with far too
I'm planing to make a 145W Solar Panel and Charge my 12VDC/120A Car battery then power up with 12VDC/230VAC 1500W Inverter...And want to use my laptop charger,and table fan and cfl light. And also I wanted to know can I run any Air Conditioner unit though this inverter? Or there is any special Air Conitioner can use with Inverter??
If I understand your setup right, you are measuring the input rather than output current of an "electronical ballast" (a cfl inverter). The output current has to measured at the fluorescent lamp. For typical input current waveforms of cfl inverters, you can review this previous thread: Your measure
Dear All Could you help me :how value of R.C,L must be change for drive my 4watt 120Vac fluorescent tube. In this schema 11w .240v cfl lamp driver. Thank you in advance lam 62317
hai....iam trying to send adress of sensors(like smoke and fire) thru powerline,for that iam studying microchip AN236,but some problems are there. 1)the code is written in assembly. 2)no body in fourms prooved that the software is working after build. 3)and the cfl,SMPS,MOBILE CHARGERS may block the 120 khz carrier... 4)in the software part the
Hi, Do you know where i can get those 450V "Green blob" , radial capacitors from which you see in the cfl bulbs? I think they must be either ceramic or film. They obviously are cheap (becuase theyre in cfl's..) and have high ripple rating. I notice that cfl's use electrolytic capacitors without the necessary current (...)
You have got the wrong sort of cfl. The dimmer works by pulsing the mains on and off rapidly, the cfls have an oscillator in them that is running slower then the dimmers pulses so the results are unpredictable. You can get cfls that sort out the pulsing mains and appear to dim correctly. Frank
I think , this is not a right place , move to power section. By the way , parchas very good qty cfl and reputed company.
I am struggling to understand cfl circuit. I have done it half way and need your support to complete !!! Dear friends, can you tell me how the 1. oscillating circuit works - how the transistors or FET's switching done(control). 2. how the resonance frequency generates for resonance tank at the start. 3. what are the current paths when oscillat
What's the difference between a cfl and a Ccfl?