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Check this link, is having sample code for ccs compiler. CCS, Inc. - CCS C Compiler Example Programs chanchal
Hi, Just make sure in your code that if you are shifting one channel to another channel give some delay to get accurate analog value. Regards chanchal Chauhan
Hi, Labview is the better option for Data acquistion & ur saying that ur appliction is not that much i guess labview is good option. Matlab is used when ur working on more mathematical complex calculation. So for data acquisition Labview is better tool. Regards chanchal ---------- Post added at 10:39 ----
Search Tornado s/w tools on the google. Regards chanchal Chauahn
Moser or fernell is the best to order the microcontroller. It will delivered on less lead time with cost effective. Regards chanchal Chauhan
Go for electrical based project like ON Line UPS or some thing like that. Thanks & Regards chanchal Chauhan ---------- Post added at 09:36 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:35 AM ---------- Using PIC microcontroller that is best for biggner
are u getting pwm pulses? whether ur sensing signal is coming properly? Just check this. Regards chanchal
Just send where you are facing problem. Regards chanchal
check the code whether the program is dumped in microcontroller. Else check same code to ur old board. Regards chanchal
Micro-controller is unable to sense the current. so change the the current into voltage format by using V to I converter & amplify the signal. Regards chanchal
Try to check in debug mode. Regards chanchal
Just check this out Regards chanchal
Are this 6v is microcontroller supply voltage or that is sensing voltage. Generally microcontroller won't work at 6v. Give more detail about ur project. What is ur pannel ratting? How much current ur pannel draw? Regards chanchal Chauhan
Please give details about u r project like which microcontrolle r u using? Mazidi is good book for u r reference. Regards chanchal Chauhan
Sandeepani Institute is good for VLSI course. They are proving placement also. Balow are the address of institute Sandeepani - School of VLSI Design # 21, 7th Main, 1st Block, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560034, INDIA. Regards chanchal Added after 54 seconds: Just check this web www.sande
Search Goligum site in google it will be useful. It has sample code Regards chanchal
Just reinstall the pony prog2000. and make sure that all connection are properly connected. Regards chanchal
Just check this old reply for DTMF decoder query Regards chanchal
Please explain in more brief? Regards chanchal
Please give me some more details about the flow of your project. Regards chanchal
Just check this attachment. Regards chanchal
Its a gr8 article. Hope it helps me also. Regards chanchal
Dear ALL, How to drive High power LED through microcontroller? Here as of my knowledge we have to use PWM pulses to drive the LED through MOSFET. What frequency & Duty cycle i have to use? Please share ur ideas. Thanks in Advance chanchal Chauhan
Please let as know what problem u r facing for ur inverter section. Regards chanchal
Atmega128 is a very good microcontroller which included inbuilt ADC, DAC and more peripherals. You have to make sure about I/O pins and the configuration is proper. Remaining no issues at all. Regards chanchal
Just find out first how many rowe and columns in ur keypad. Second thing is which LCD r u using? Regards chanchal Added after 57 seconds: check this out recently post Regards chanchal
I feel based on the clock frequency speed will change. If you are using higher clock frequency it will increase the speed of memory. To find out the speed of memory its not a guess work. If you find out then please let me know. Regards chanchal
Just check with higher oscillator frequency. I guess PIC18 has internal oscillator just try for that also. Regards chanchal Added after 2 minutes: It is running slow only on two condition. 1. Instruction execution is to slow because of oscillator frequency. 2. there will be some instruction wh
you can use Win AVR GCC compiler to compile the program ant to download the program use ponyprog programming tools to ur target device. Regards chanchal
First of all you have to install MPLAB IDE v8.36 on your computer.That is the latest version of IDE. After installing IDE connect ur programmer to the computer and check. Let me know it problem still there. Regards chanchal Chauhan
Just check it out Regards chanchal Added after 2 minutes: check this also out ww
Here enclosed is E-book for designing embedded system with pic microcontroller. Just read it try to do some practicals on microcontroller programming. Regards chanchal
Just check it out on microchip website Regards chanchal
Hello, I have one query. How to check effectiveness of EMI / RFI filter? Any help is greatly appreciated. Regards chanchal
You can connect with LED, LCD or some o/p devices with some internal protocols like I2C & SPI communication. Regards chanchal
Hello Guys, How to cutoff at 4.3v Vs when the Vdd is 4.0v ? I am using PIC16F506 UC with ANO channel. Please help me to understand the logic. Regards chanchal
Dear All, I want to know basically about sleep mode in Micro controller. What will happen in sleep mode ? Is the controller will go in idle state or it will turn off all the peripheral. How we can use sleep mode instruction for power saving mode? Please be know more about sleep mode. Regards chanchal
use this link Regards chanchal
Know basic of microcontroller, Assembly Language & C language. It will be enough for Interview. Regards chanchal
Which LCD are you using? Let me know Try to read the data sheet for that LCD. It will be helpful for you Regards chanchal
Your question is not proper. 1. No defination for Usart_Read() & Usart_init(). 2. Are you using this function externaly? No header file included. Regards chanchal
Hi, Just first understand all the interfacing connection between microcontroller & Graphical LCD. Than try for Low level coding which u will find out by reading data sheet of Graphical LCD correctly. Try to generate some character on ur display. Don't frustrate just be cool & try. Regards, chanchal
Try to use SPI communication protocol. There you can use as a master slave operations. Regards chanchal
asm means assembler. Assembler is a tool which create object code by transmitting assembly instructions. Regards chanchal
Please send your code. Sine wave generation will change on h/w to h/w. What h/w are you using? Regards chanchal
Hi, What micro controller are you using? It is very simple by using avr studio tools. Just make sure, you included make file for you specific microcontroller. Let me know how it goes. Regards chanchal
Which microcontroller you are using? Is DAC is inbuilt in microcontroller or external? Regards chanchal
Hi, I worked on AVR microcontroller. Use AVR studio tools to download the code in the target board & use AVR GCC compiler it is free of cost. Let me know if you need more info. Regards chanchal
Hi, I am using PIC 18F1330 microcontroller for my battery charging application. Here I am controlling Battery current in CC mode & Battery voltage in CV mode in closed loop. But here in CV mode my battery current & Pulse is varying. Below are the details of my code. #include void osc_init(); void delay(unsigned int k); void a
Hi, That is the header file is having code related to access the I/O ports of AVR microcontroller. I don't know about but that is also header file to support the micrcontroller internal features. By the way which controller are you using? Which compiler are you using? Please let me know. Regards chanchal [size=2