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Hi everybody, I am new user of Eplan P8 2.2 and I need some help with changing font size for Cable definition texts like cross-section and cable type. I try to change font size directy on previusly inserted cable definition properties but this work only for selected cable definition. Can anybody help me (...)
Hi I have a question? any body know? How to change font size or font type legend in hfss? I mean change font size (J surf -A-per-m) or (E-field v-per-m) legend. Please guidance me.:-?
Altium ver 9x Is there an easy way to assign a hot key to change the font of a net label? I would like to change from size 5 to 8 and add BOLD I'm familiar with the find similar objects feature however this does not work well because the font attributes of all the net labels are presently the same and (...)
After printing my schematic for the first time, I realized the text and port size are too small to be read. I discovered how to change the system font size, but I can't find the setting that allows the port symbol to auto size to fit the selected font. Any suggestions?
Hi santu Click on show element and in find window select only text,then click on text which you want to change the font,you will get window which contains the text block no of the text,now close it and click setup>design parameters>text>setup text sizes,you will get window and in that add the required text size in the (...)
Click on the text-tool in the toolbar, now double click on the text you want to change the font size of, a "Text Edit" dialog window will open. change the properties of the text you want to change such as line width, text height, character aspect etc. You cannot change the (...)
Dear friends, I wanted to interface 16X1 PICHO LCD to ATmega32 and wonder if a C driver program written for 16X2 LCD just works. Can someone clarify that for me? Thanks:?
Setup then text sizes, here you can edit or customize every text blocks then change your text to any blocks in your design. Rat T are for net scheduling and there are some video that comes with Allegro installation. Good Luck, M
It is caused by your large system font setting (120DPI). The fix is to go to the display properties Appearance (Advanced) Tab and increase the text size for most desktop objects by about 25%. This will change most of the system stuff to larger fonts, but the app's (inside the app windows) will still be the normal smaller (...)
Hi, I am designing PCB through altium DXP 6 & I want to change font,hight & size of all component designator strings on PCB.How I can do this in this software? Thanks & Regards, tramp
How to change font type on Orcad PCB Layout..? I want to change font type like: Ariel, Courrier, etc... Thank's
What happened for the messages like as " character '\163 is not supported in font" when I enter library manager of IC5033(Redhat8.0)? Is it from the problem of .bashrc? Added after 42 minutes: OH, I need to change language to be ENGLISH before I login LINUX. It works well now. A
Hi, At the work i interfaced the Microcontroller to this printer . I can send any commands to it (ex. change the font,size,feed,print...etc) But when i read the printer status (like paper end,error...) it returns null. I use visual basic too to send the commands serially. Do you any info for solve this problem ? or printer receipt (...)
Hello all, I am using PSD 15.0 now, but I can not find a way to change the font of TEXT string, I just want to know is the PSD doesnot allow different font for TEXT? Thanks