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wtf? SPI slave shall be done by pin change interrupt!
How to find which on which pin interrupt has occurred of PORTB All four pins interrupt on change pin have single Flag RBIF I studied this document but couldn't understand assembly language Can someone explain in MikroC code PIC 16F887 MikroC
Hello, I try to use interrupt with pic18f14k50. (RA4 pin as IOC pin). But I cant find where I mistake. Anytime doesnt run part of ioc in interrupt routine. Same time I use timer interrupt for 1us. I use internal oscillator 16Mhz. sbit LED0 at LATC4_bit; sbit LED0_Direction at TRISC4_bit; sbit (...)
Hello I am new to the world of interfacing with rotary encoders with pic microcontroller. I searched and I read some codes, and I see that the efficient way is to use interrupts, but my question is, will I need to use interrupt on change on A / B pins ? or I will need to use counter/timer TMR0 & TMR1 for example? (...)
Hello. I am Working in The Project which uses ultrasonic sensor for Height Measurement, The Module of Ultrasonic is shown in Pic Modle HC-SR for This w
Dear colegues, I use mikroc pro for arm with lm4f232 tiva C mcu, I need simple solution (I am not close with Tiva C so I need help) I need to read (count) pin change conditions (for example from logical 1 to logical 0) every 10ms that can be done with some interrupt routine, also I need to save count on some array or vector... or (...)
configure port A pin RA4 as input and poll it periodically for change from low to high in main while loop. If the change can occur for very small amount of time then i suggest better use an external interrupt on RB port or external interrupt pin INT, bcoz in this case you need to (...)
There's no pin change interrupt with ATmega8, but you can program one of the two external interrupt pins to be sensitive to both edges. See Datasheet, External interrupts, MCU Control Register MCUR
I don't think there are PICS with more than one INT pin. Still most of them have Interrpt on change for PORTB pins. You can also use CCP modules in the PIC to capture events. As a last resort you can use a 3 input AND gate to tie the three interrupts to the one INT pin of the PIC. Hope this helps :) PS : (...)
what is the use of port change interrupt in pic16f877a can anyone pls...
I couldn't change the pin because i have designed the pcb and ordered more pcb. All interrupt pins in uC are used for some other purpose. Even i can't change the crystal frequency, because my device is battery operated. If you are locked into using pin RC0 as the button input, (...)
Hi, In a word, yes it would be possible, however you will need to go though your lcd routine as they often change RB0 from input to output along with the other PortB pins. You need to have RB0 totally free of the lcd routine and any TRIS instruction it may use. You need to show the lcd code you are using. On a 40 pin chip like that (...)
You can't use the interrupt on change, as minimum timing requirement is 2TCY, which in your case is 244us. 244us is much greater than 3us, so you can't use that. Use external interrupt where the minimum timing requirement is 20ns. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
many microcontrollers have an "interrupt on change" detection facility where changes in level of a digital IO pin cause an interrupt using a timer you can then count interrupts over a period, e.g. 0.1 of a second
Hey Friends, I'm a beginner to PIC programming. I'm trying to write a simple interrupt routine. I have a LED on RD7 and I would like the LED to flash any time there is a change on pin RB1. My circuit board has a push button switch on RB1. For some reason when I push the switch the interrupt never fires. This is my (...)
i configured portb change interrupt BSF INTCON, GIE BSF INTCON, RBIE BCF OPTION_REG,RBPU so i simulated with Proteus. when I enable the pullup, it automatically interrupt without press the button Hi; It is due the wrong order. First set the used PORTB pin(s) as input via TRISB then clear RBPU to en
Use the PORTB interrupt-on-change for counting number of buttons pushed and to start counting when a button is pushed and until released. For counting number of clock pulses, use the RB0/INT pin. In the interrupt vector, check which interrupt occurred. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
You have to look at the port in the interrupt routine to see which pin has changed.
Hi all, I'm using PIC16f1938. I have an issue with interrupt on change. I use RB2 pin to detect the external edge(rising and falling edge). Here is code: ANSB2 = 0; PEIE = 1; TRISB2 = 1; //RB2 is input WPUB2 = 1; //Enabled pull-up IOCIF = 0; //Clear flag interrupt (...)
Hi, You have two different interrupts available on Port B. RB0 which can detect the signal change / transision from high to low or low to high and is reported by the INTF bit. RB4-7 can detect a change of state from 1 to 0 or 0 to 1 on any of those 4 bits and is reported by RBIF. Not aware that the ISR can tell you which of (...)