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I have custom names for some mechanical layers, but I have to rename them for every PCB which is kind of annoying. Is there a way to change the default names ? Also when I fabricate the gerber X2 files, it changes the layer names back to normal like mechanical1-N. But it doesn't have the (...)
How can I replace the current model with the one of TSMC? I think you have to set up such a correspondence list yourself. Then select the former individual models one by one and change each one to the corresponding new model name and its TSMC PDK library.
What if you change the name of all nets identified as "no-net" to some other name, and then highlight this primitive to detect them visually ? Just a guess...
open a text file in notepad. type: ----------- cd C:\Program Files\Wireshark dumpcap -D dumpcap -i -w -b filesize ----------------- close and name it as 'sharktst.bat' ===================================== then open a command prompt window by running 'cmd' in that cmnd window: change the directory to the folder where you have stored '
Hi all I'm facing with irritating part_number changing. I'm trying to change multipal part_numbers by selecting group of components using ctrl+shift+e (see ORCAD2) selecting the group which i want to change, change there part number (to CKG57NX7S2A226M to CKG57NX7S2A226M500JH) and click ok when i verify this action by clicking (...)
How to change the display name or user name on the posts ?
Hello everyone, how can I change the value of lambda in Magic, from from the Input style lambda=1.0(gen) to whatever I want. Thanks in
When re-sizing ?name? and ?value? text in Eagle, pro 7.4.0 schematics, one has to unsmash, then smash the component in order to bring about the size change of text, after having changed the text size in the symbol library??if there are lots of components with text that needs re-sizing on a schem sheet, then one does the smashing/unsmashing (...)
hey members i need help to solve my problem i think expert will help me out in that i need to know what compiler i must use or software to change the start up name of rdvv transmitter as someone do it in this picture thanks
I think the problem is that a port in the Spice netlist was called "gnd" and that is a reserved name in ADS for global ground. You should be able to fix this by changing the 3-port subcircuit into a 2-port (don't forget to change the symbol as well) and just delete that port "gnd" in the subcircuit. The ground connection is already made there by pl
A structure is a collection of individual elements held under one name. Each element has it's own storage address within the structure. A union is a collection of individual elements held under one name that share the same storage. In other words the elements overlap and changing one will make the values of other elements change as well. Brian.
DRC error means Design Rule check related error sorry but I am using protues 8 but I think power pins nets are by default is VCC/VDD so you need to change the net name which you using for pin 31 which is #00025 so change the net name of your pin 40 to #00025 that solve your problem. To change (...)
hi, is there a common name for a filter which resists to frequency change (change in time domain)? for example; Signal generator outputs Sin(2pi*t*f1) then if it changes to Sin(2pi*t*f2) , output of the filter shall smooth the frequency change from f1 to f2 in time domain. I am a newbee in this topic, (...)
Hi, I am trying to use SpectreVerilog simulator for mixed-signal simulation. I found a notes here I had a problem at the step of "change Default IE Library name to "UCD_Analog_Parts," or what ever your analog library is called, and press ok." Afte
Hello everyone My problem is after I drew layout of mmic I define port for every pin of mmic..after I have drew port for every pin then I change port name of every port the question is how can I define many port with sequential port number 109149 thanks in advance
What you want to do? Add new connection in our netlist and then route it? change net name?
Just double click on your component and change the instance name (ADS 2011)
Hello I added 3-4 traces on my probe graph but when I want change one of trace property I should remove all trace and do it from the can I change a define trace property or delete it? Thanks
RealAEL Sir, As you told I followed and did it. I got it, but it is showing that cannot change mode to rwxr-xr-x:Permission denied and show errors, how to overcome this permission denied and errors. I couldn't understand step5 in the installation procedure, what I have to do for the step5, can you tell it sir. I didn't
change net name in schematic