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Hello all, I am having a bit of trouble trying to implement this system in the figure to first have a binary signal go through a channel (which i've done) I then don't know what to do to get the new signal back to binary and how to do the training and decision directed parts. I am struggling to write the code in matlab to implement this. I have t
Dear All I want to monitor speed of metal object. I am using electro magnetic method to get speed signal The output waveform is attached. The amplitude varies from +/- 1V to +/- 4V (Peak to Peak) Frequency range is 100HZ to 600HZ. I want Low pass filter with level shifter with safe voltage level to interface ADC channel of Microcontroller. Re
I would like to put the highest current, wattage, voltage rated device in an amp. This is used for a ripple filter in the PS. This is my first post and I do not understand the code thing. OCD
Hi, Is there a block in virtuoso where I can input the time domain impulse to get the required characteristics? The reason why I am asking is because I am trying to model an optical channel which has a gaussian impulse response and modeling the transfer function using svcvs is a bit tedious. I have the time domain impulse response and it would b
Hello i need kalman filter channel estimation ِِAR(5)
Hi guys, I have been struggling for while with this problem and I am not able to solve it. I want to consider a single carrier system with 16 QAM with pulse shaping, until this point the system works just fine. I use a Square Raised Cosine filter both in TX and RX and I do not get any interference, and thus 0 value of BER. However whenI add
The mux scheme doesn't make much sense as shown. A PID or digital filter in general involves internal memory that must be unique for each channel. So if you implement multiplexing, it must act inside the digital filter, too. Apart from this point, you get the digital signal processing latency by counting the pipeline stages. There are (...)
Can you sketch/describe the spectrum of the input signal? Are you performing single channel or quadrature sampling?
tuned antenna> tuned filter>pre-amp> peak detect >logic level, ... preamp> LO mix> IF filter> IF Aamp> RSSI detect>logic level. Define f, Input/Output Thresholds, Ambient Noise & adjacent channel rejection criteria, hysteresis level from noise and latency for trigger and re-trigger and pulse stretch. T
Hi All, I checked some FM circuits over internet and all seems to miss the band pass filter at the last stage. This make circuit transmits on all radio channel which is not something nice from my point of view This circuit operates at 27 MHz and you can see the frequency domain and harmonics on the side of the middle peak www.p
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: There are 6 different channels or filters ( based on frequency ) to route the RF signal. Each channel or filter is made up of a circuit containing a set of PIN diodes. To switch on to the particular channel or filter (let say channel-1)PIN (...)
1. Why not inspect the include file to answer the question yourself? 2. The result registers receive the AD value for the currently selected channel. If you mux between multiple channels, you must provide sufficient wait time for filter setup. 3. I don't see that OSR changes the ADC scaling. You should consult the description in the (...)
A simplified SSB system and its far and near spectrum.I presumed that the DSB modulated around 38.9MHz signal is already filtered by SAW filter and wanted carrier is at 21st channel of UHF regarding to European CCIR standard.So, Fv=471.25MHz, Fs=476.75MHz. 109481109482
Hello, I am using Matlab's "stdchan" function, to generate a channel model. Could someone please explain the use of the "filter" function, in the following
Hi, The digital receiver sensitivity equation is as follows : Sensitivity = KTB+NF+(Eb/No)*R/B Where B is the channel bandwidth This may be rewritten as : Sensitivity=KTR+NF+(Eb/No) ( by ommitting B with B) So what if the filter bandwidth is >> signal bandwidth. This equation will surely be invalid, but how can I calcul
The equation for this filter according to this book "Simulation of Communication Systems" by Kluwer is defined as H(f)=exp(j*\theta*\omega^2) where \omega=2*pi*f and \theta is "the phase at a reference frequency of \omega=1rad/s". What does "the phase at a reference frequency of \omeg
- phase noise on the edge of a static sensor is normal. - the quadrature noise should not exceed +/-45deg , so only 1 line should have noise. A state machine should ignore the commutation noise on one channel if you execute this properly in a PLL state machine. Start with a State machine filter that ignores dither noise and only processes valid p
Hi fellows, When reading this book, I have a problem in Example 4.1 in Chapter 4. It introduces a filter's Q caculation when the adjacent channel interfer should have a 35 dB supression. I am confused by the words' for a attentuation of 35 dB (=56.2) at 900.4MHz, this quantity must be equal to R(square)/56.2(square)...' How does the 'R(squ
hi, i'm using fir compiler to implement a fir filter with 4 channel in one wire and decimation factor=16. Now i have difficulties in managing the signal SOP, EOP, SINK_VALID and SOURCE_READY in order to make the filter work. The sample rate of the input data is 200KHz and the system clock is 50MHz. How could pass the parallel data that (...)
Hi, i simulated a baseband spread spectrum receiver using AWGN channel and wanted to change the channel to be a rayleigh flat fading single path channel, but i don't know how to compensate for the channel. chan = rayleighchan; rxsignal = filter(chan,txsignal); Regards, eng.