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Hi, Is there a block in virtuoso where I can input the time domain impulse to get the required characteristics? The reason why I am asking is because I am trying to model an optical channel which has a gaussian impulse response and modeling the transfer function using svcvs is a bit tedious. I have the time domain (...)
Hi, I am little confused about channel propagation of a wireless waveform. I know that y= h*x + n -------- in time domain Y=HX+N --------in frequency domain where h is the channel impulse response which can be rayleigh or rician if small scale fading is considered. But what happens in large scale (...)
Hi, How can I represent the convolution process between a signal comes from Inverse Discrete Wavelet Transform (IDWT) and the channel impulse response? Is that like the convolution between signal and channel impulse response in time domain? Regards
Hello, I'm trying to determine the doppler spectrum for a specific tap, using channel impulse response. There is how I proceed to determine the channel impulse response : - I have real and imaginary part from ray field E - magnitude = abs(real + imaginary) - phase = angle(real + (...)
Hi all, I am trying to implement STTC-OFDM (2Tx-1Rx) over frequency selective channels(2-taps or 3-taps and so on). I need a modification on my code over single tap quasistatic flat fading environment. My question is how can I use the channel impulse response for multiple tap channels on the maximum (...)
I would appreciate if anyone could please explain me why we use covariance and correlation in estimating channel impulse response H? What is the purpose of using these statistics in channel estimation? Many thanks!
Hi, I have some channel measurement data obtained in the frequency domain using vector network analyzer (S21) and I need to obtain the time domain impulse response. The simplest thing that I tried is to take IFFT from my data (X). If someone can share with me some helpful templete of octave or matlab code in this regard. Thanks in advance.
Hello all, I am trying to understand sampling from the following: Suppose the channel impulse response is given by: h(\tau)=h\delta(\tau) and the transmitted signal is: s(t)=\sum_ks_kg(t-kT_s) where {s_k} are the transmitted symbols and g(t) is a rectangular pulse of duratuion Ts the sample time. The received
Hi , if we have channel impulse response = , how i can extract the path gain from the channel impulse response. cheers ,
Hello, I always have this question in my mind, but have never actually asked it: usually the channel impulse response is expressed as: c(\tau,t)=\sum_pc_p\delta(\tau-\tau_p) So, assuming that the transmitted signal is denoted by s(t), the received signal is expressed as: r(t)=\sum_pc_ps(t-\tau_p)+n(t) where n(t)
1)How to generate h(128 by 1 matrix),channel impulse response for a rayleigh fading channel(speed-120km/hr)..relative delays,avg power..max doppler shift 150 HZ,carrier freq-1 GHZ 2)How to approximate channel impulse response(h(t)) using linear prediction model: (...)
How to approximate channel impulse response(h(t)) using linear prediction model: h(t)=n+yt,where n and y are zero-order and first order parameters of the model..?Matlab program?
hi dears, i need to obtain the TOA from a channel impulse response estimation for uwb channels with matlab. Can I have some help? Thanks
I am trying to calculate the BER of OFDM system, lets say using simplest BPSK modulation. I have experimental measurements of the channel impulse response, PDP with amplitudes and delay of the multipath components. I have formed OFDM symbols, modulated them and now it is time to pass them to channel. What is the most (...)
Hi, What is minimum phase channel impulse response? Thanks
hello my friends. I need matlab code for a mimo(alamouti methode) channel with ISI. I have in these channel for finding ke out put stream , we should use "conv(h,s) " or "fft=> s*.h " instead of production of stream and impulse response of channel but when I use them , my BER/SNR graph is (...)
Hello to all guys, A bit of a help to my problem would be precious. Description: I use a pulse generator, a signal generator a mixer and an antenna to tranmit a pulse that is 400ns long, at 900MHz. I then use a spectrum analyzer to get the channel frequency response and the channel impulse response. (...)
Hi, Anyone here is working on underwater acoustic (UWA) channels? I appreciate if any one tells me how to generate an UWA channel. Thanks
It is often the case when the receiver requires knowledge of the channel impulse response (CIR) - e.g., the equalizer needs this channel state information (CSI) in order to remove the intersymbol interference (ISI). This knowledge is usually provided by a separate channel estimator at the receiver. Usually (...)
Hello For binary memoryless channels like BSC (binary symmetric channel) and BEC (binary erasure channel) one knows the channel Transition matrix . how can one use this transition matrix to compute the impulse response of the channel.