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Hi, pls I'll ask about the system model, in many papers the author is use the real-valued equivalent of the complex-valued model to make the derivation ease. Like the equations in attachment, or in matlab code like this: Y=HX+W H_complex = (randn(Nr,Nt)+1j*randn(Nr,Nt))/sqrt(2); % Flat Rayleigh fading (...)
I am not able to find a matlab code for finding the outage of power delay profile for CM3 and CM4 of UWB band IEEE 802.15.6a. kindly refer me a code for the same
Hello, I am simulating a Single Carrier system, using linear and non linear equalizers, to cope with ISI. The channel model I am using is '3gppTUx' in matlab's stdchan parameters I use are: % Sampling
if you want 6 bit/symbol you need a 64-QAM modulation not 16-QAM. in matlab: M= 64; Nsymbols = 1000; h = modem.qammod('M',M,'InputType','bit','SymbolOrder','gray'); bits = bits = round(rand(log2(M)*Nsymbols ,1)); x = modulate(h,bits); for the Rayleigh channel your model would be y = h*x + w; where h and w are complex
i need a matlab code for data transmission through jakes' simulator. do anyone have jakes' channel matlab code.
Hello all, I need to make a matlab code for indoor channel model (Office) based on FSK modulation scheme and calculate the BER value.Actually I am new to this thing and do not have any idea from where to start. So if anyone have matlab code for indoor channel (...)
you can start to make ur own block diagram e.g:input-->channel coding-->modulation--STBC ENcodeR-->OFDM MODULATOR-->guard interval-->fading etc and you can make it easily
i just need the matlab code for the estimation of channel in matlab code. ---------- Post added at 19:56 ---------- Previous post was at 19:36 ---------- i am doing my project on capacity analysis of under water acoustic mimo communications in that i have to do a channel (...)
Hi friends, Please i need a source code (C+= or matlab) for modelling 2 ray equal power channel model with delay spread of 5 and 20 microseconds between adjacent paths. I should appreciate your help please.
i have to generate BER uncoded BPSK in rayleigh fading channel by using Jakes model in matlab anyone have matlab code for Jakes model?? :cry::cry::cry:
Dear all, I have simulated WiMAX Transmitter and receiver in matlab. Now I want to introduce channel effect between tx and Rx. Pls guide me to model the channel in matlab. How can I add Fading effect and Delay Spread in channel using matlab. How will I estimate (...)
Hi friends, can you send me matlab code to find impulse response and tapped delay model. with example. Please friends help to me.. i need urgently.
Please can any one send me the matlab code for simulate the Multicode Multicarrier CDMA (MTC-MC CDMA//MC-MC CDMA) using Walsh-Hadamard code, Gold code & Kasami code in Rayleigh fading channel + AWGN with BPSK?? Thanks!
Hi all, I want to transmit a signal over a poison channel. Can anyone tell me how to model a poisson channel? I would also be grateful if you can give me the matlab code. Thank you in advance, d
in the matlab code you have channel model in m file try some model than see the result
hello can anyone send me matlab code for rake receiver model... for channel tracking using particle filtering in unresolvable multipath environments thanx
Hello! I'm looking for MMSE equalizer matlab code for AWGN channel model , single user mode. Thank you in advance, Thommer
if any body have multipath fading matlab code and there category specification (A,B,C) for wireless channel please send it urgently or suggest any link
OK! want the model for AWGN, and fading channel, matlab, simulink provides complete simulation model for rayleigh fading channel and for AWGN. After finishing your simulation with simulink you can make a exe file from your structure. Also you can tell matlab to give you it's C source (...)
I?m need it too。can u analyze code as following: *******************************************************************************/ /******************************************************************************* The module generates noise,using downlink m-sequences. The x sequence is constructed using the primitive polynomial