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Hi, I am new to all of this. I am a student.I have been trying to interface SIM808 with PIC18f4580.I tried to debug the code using PICkit3 debugger. I sent (ATE0) command to turn OFF echo mode after sending (AT) command. I am using LCD to display the response from SIM808. The problem is whatever I sent is getting back i.e., ECHO mode is n
Hi all, I am learning the custom LCD character which interface withIC 16f628a interface. My code is as below which i refer online. It works, but i am not understand some part of the code which i highlighted. Can anyone try to explain to me? // LCD module connections sbit LCD_RS at RA0_bit; // sbit declares LCD_RS at RA_0 address sbit
No. The command only positions the cursor, it doesn't print. But to refresh a specific a character, you'll set the cursor to the very position, not the begin of line. Then print exactly one character.
you should use set library_list = `ls $source_directory` see difference? I've used the character ` instead of '
You need to learn something about GSM alphabets. The default GSM 7-bit alphabet doesn't include the degree symbol. Transmitting SMS with a different alphabet is a bit tricky. You must select a different character set (e.g. UCS2) in the GSM header and also switch the modem interface to a different alphabet. To avoid conflicts with limited chars
You have to initiate and perform the LCD initialization and I do not see that in your code, though I admit I only took a quick look. You don't just sit and wait for it to initialize. I am assuming this character LCD is a standard HD44780-based one. If so, this
adding to post #2 that do use the cursor positioning command and overwrite the wrong entered character with blank space if you want to delete the character with delete button.
Framework offers a method similar to the C strtok() routine, String.Split which can tokenize a string delimited by a specified character set. String.Split Method BigDog
Have u converted the Hex count into BCD before sending to LCD. The common mistake is on LCD ACII character displays only. So make sure after converting Hexadecimal number then Gate OR with 0x30. Then send your result to LCD.
Hey Please help me in figuring out the problem in this code. I am interfacing UART of PIC16F877A with PC, baud rate 9600, 4MHz fosc. In main.c, I am just sending a char array through a command function Uart_Write_text. Testing circuit on proteus 8.1, the virtual termainal do show something but they are random characters, not what I am sending. I
Hi guys, I have a strange problem with displaying text/characters on my blue backlit 2x16 LCD screen. The code is working correctly and if I look the screen with an angle, I can read it. However it cannot be read by looking the screen from above. Here I am attaching the photos of my problem: 102483102484
A 2x16 character display can be updated in less than 10 ms, using either 4- or 8-bit mode (if coded appropriately). For a periodical refresh, you'll probably want to use a timer or a flag set in a timer interrupt.
I am using P89V51RD2 microcontroller and trying to interface with 16x2 LCD (jhd162a)...but not able to get a single character on LCD... here is the code i am using...what is the problem.... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #include // include header fi
There's no need to use an interrupt. The code has several errors, however. For the sender, you must not use ret, instead jmp back to the main loop. For the receiver, it will set the P3.1 for any received character and never reset it. The code runs into "nirwana", there must be jmp instruction before end. There might be more (...)
Could you please explain more how I can set the file name and how I should write the pwl file? (its format) The following is example. Lines which begin with non numeric character and blank lines are ignored. ; IS-95 Signal(1.2288Mcps) time (s) VT("/net47") (V) 0 0
You're probably telling it to display characters beyond the standard ASCII set and they all are being mapped to the "?" character.
you have set up interrupt for receiving. but you have not told it from when to start receiving. what i am saying is you you have not defined any start character. (or have you set any? tell us.) . what you can try is send enter command once. than try to send string. see what happens. also try to debug on hardware level. if you have any (...)
After while(!TRMT1); you have to clear TRMT1 using TRMT1 = 0; otherwise it transmits only one character. TRMT is a read only status bit. It can't be cleared. You should also clear RC1IF inside the while(!RC1IF) loop. RCIF is autocleared when reading RCREG. A possible problem of the code, beside the discussed inte
It can be simpler! You only have to set up the UART registers once so you can put the "enable_serial()" code at the beginning of main(), thereis no need to put it in a loop. You can also remove the delay in the "send_data()" routine as it does nothing except add to the delay between sending each character in the main program. Also note that you a
I'm using PIC-18f452 to serial transmit temperature value through the serial port . I need to display special character degree symbol to get at the Hyperterminal.. the display must be temp = 30 degree(in symbol) Celsius. please help this is my code.. int tem=30; char str; sprintf(str, " Ch1 Temp = %5d ", tem); SerTxS(str)