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I'm not sure which complier this is for but I think you are not using 'strtok' properly. I can't verify if this is correct but try changing the final line of code to "token = strtok(NULL, ':');" so it looks for only a single character and not a zero terminated string. Brian.
As Aussie Susan already mentioned, the problem of your code seems to be not an incorrect uart initialization. It's the bad coordination between receive interrupt function and processing of buffered data in the main loop. It can e.g. happen that the first character triggers the R_flag semaphore, then check_receive fails, deletes the buffer and reset
I working on gsm based microcontroller project, My gsm works fine with hyper terminal on pc. But read garbage value (instead of "OK") like chines on "AT" command with 8051. Can any one help me in that problem?
The first thing is that you are not calling the 'inituart' function from 'main'. Which compiler are you using? Can you use the debugger to step into the code to make sure that it is running at all. Also you are not reading the character form the Rx buffer - for some devices and in some circumstances (not sure if this is the case for you but...) thi
Hello, I am doing some experiments on FPGA Spartan 6. The experiment is, - Based on the input signal (named "trigger_to_tx"), uart has to transmit the string "Hello" to PC and one LED has to glow (named "tx_done) after the transmission. I have written the Verilog code for this experiment and attached below. For this code how to add input trigger
Im working on a project in UTLP kit where i need to implement uart. The following code is perfectly transferring single character. The problem is im not able to find out the way to send sting of charcters like"AT+CMGF=1". please help me out ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
I'm no expert in MikroC but this looks wrong to me: if (uart_Data_Ready() == 1) { This line is inside the interrupt routine, as the ISR should only be called when there is a character in the receive buffer, is it necessary to check it again? Brian.
Afaik, you could append the null char '/0' right before the last character to be sent. Aren't you aware of the uart library of this compiler ? I, assuming you're using a PIC core due to some registers on the code above. ?
If you have a working program then presumably you already have the routines needed to send characters to the Bluetooth module via the uart. All you need to do is to pass the starting address of a character string (presumably null terminated if that is the 'end of string' marker your function uses - look at how the program already sends (...)
I briefly reviewed the TX-uart design. I'm missing a TX busy respectively idle output signal. As far as I see, the TX strobe is immediately acknowledged. So how can you know when the uart is ready to receive the next character? You could use the non-acknowledged strobe signal to pause the state machine, but yout don't in your present (...)
which processor and compiler are you using some libraries have a function which enables one to check if a character has been received otherwise you can always check the uart receiver flag yourself
Long data is 32 bits wide (4 bytes) I presume that OP did not mean long as a numeric type, but as a string type. Assuming it is the case, once the number has a variable size should control array indexing by reaching the null terminator character.
I want to send a character from uart and the pic has to recognize it and send a binary to SPI when should be interpreted by a 74hc595 and output in led, but my code is not working, any one can help me? int i,vitesse; char uart_rd; char HC595_0,HC595_1,HC595_2, ; void send_data(char HC595_0, char HC595_1, char HC595_2) { SPI1
hi, I use Oshonsoft Basic. Dim an Array(72) Bytes On uart input jump to an interrupt subroutine. Test the character in the RXD buffer for '$', if a "$" sign then fill Array until CRLF characters at end of GPGGA message. This will give you an array that contains all the GPS message. To Parse the Lat and Long values, count the '
hello all, I have a small project of uart Communication, in which I am receiving 11 bytes of data and just transmit it to hyper terminal. for which i am receving data from user and save it to the character array and after receiving it i transmit this array, in PROTEUS it is working fine, but when i apply it on Real Hardware, the packet which is tr
This is a message framing problem. Ideally the start and end of a message (one number) should be unequivocally detectable. In this simple case, you need a kind of separator between numbers. You're apparently assuming ASCII coded digits, so any non-numerical character can serve as a separator, e.g. space, carriage return, comma.
hi vikky, The usual causes of corrupt RS232 data are in the Baud rate settings not being the same or the Parity Bit ie: Even or Odd or Off. On your scope you should see for each character, a 10 bit long string, 1 Start bit, 8 data bits and 1 Stop bit. On the PIC pin its a TTL level and the output of the MAX232 +/-9V level. If you can sync your
do you receive anything from the modem when you expect an sms text? for example, could ou be loosing received character because you are not reading the uart sufficently fast? what baud rate is the SIM 300 ? are you using polled or interrupt receive on the uart?
Hi, I am newbie learner to ARM7 processor LPC2138 n in which i am trying to interface uart to send a single character but it sends out unwanted character. If any one here knows about the uart of lpc2138 plz help me out. My code is : #include void uart0_Init(void) { PINSEL0 = (...)
Hey Please help me in figuring out the problem in this code. I am interfacing uart of PIC16F877A with PC, baud rate 9600, 4MHz fosc. In main.c, I am just sending a char array through a command function uart_Write_text. Testing circuit on proteus 8.1, the virtual termainal do show something but they are random characters, not what I am (...)