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116569I designed charge pump like attached image. When UP signal is turn on (width 100ps) current of pink color node switching quite properly. but problem is that mirroring current of UP current(blue color node) is not fast switching. so how can i increase switching speed of bule color node current?? i want to in
I have designd a charge pump of PLL. And I simulated pnoise of Spectre of cadence. The result of charge pump output noise is larger than 100pA at 1KHz. I don't know what is reason about this? Below is my cirucit and simulation result. :cry: Can anyone help me ?Thank you very much
Hi. I am designing a wireless sensor which is very similar with 13.56 Mhz passive RFID which must need a charge pump that harvests power from RF signal in order to feed the rest of components in a chip. My question is what kind of power (or voltage) you receive on the tag antenna as minimum, but still enough to operate the chip? It will def
I am making a design for charge pump and i want to know how can i plot (Iout) i.e. charge pump current, VS the phase difference between Vref and VFB??? another question how can i test the charge pump for having a good performance in a noisy system,i.e. what kind of (...)
My superviser asked me to find out the relationship of Capcitors, transister on a voltage doubler. I dont know how to do a simulation with different value of capcitance and the ratio of W/L for finding a optimize the power efficiency on circuit pump circuit? Can anyone teach me the method of it? Thank you very much
i want to simulate charge pump ,divider, pfd,which eda tool should i use?? which simulation engine should i use?