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I am designinging solar MPPT charger, in which solar panel voltage ranges from 100 to 180 and the battery is of 12v. Battery has to be charged by 2 modes stand-by(13.6V) and cyclic mode(1405V). I am using SEA05 controller for constant voltage and current. can anyone suggest me how to switch the mode to stand-by mode when battery is fully charge? an
Hi, I'm looking to build a charger to charge 2 x 12v 12ah lifepo4 batteries in series, that can charge fairly quickly. I currently have a charger for 12v 12ah lead gel batteries with a 80va transformer (not sure if that makes any difference to this question), could I just use this? ps, I have little to no knowledge of (...)
Solar Battery charger Design Help Needed Hi I have designed this Solar Battery charger. A 12v 75W Solar Panel will be used. So, current will be max 6.25A Charging current of SLA batteries is 10% of its Ah rating. So, This charger can easily charge a 12v 40Ah battery. 1. Is there anything (...)
I am currently ordering parts/building a grid charger for my 2000 honda insight hybrid. I already have what I need for the charger, just would like to have something built into the charger to monitor the voltage and amps of the circuit while charging. There are some meters I can buy on eBay that measure in the required range but I do not (...)
Dear members , I need a circuit to charge my 12v 7.2ah battery from my linear transformer which is rated 15-0-15 v , and I have a solar plate which is rated 12v 10w , please send me one circuit design , I am newbee Please send me charger circuit
The device I'm working with is roughly the same as this device: Basically a cell phone charger that can be powered from either 120V MAINS or 12v from an automobile. The device will be sold in the U
@mtweig - Have no idea how the failures are happening but the temperature was my only concern so far. The board is kept in a closed enclosure however the IC should have thermal protection and should reduce output current if the temperature goes too high. @treez -
I am trying to design a battery charger to charge a 12v battery with auto cut off circuit. i want to attatch LEDs with it.
Hi, I came across a page on using a dvd player's power supply to run a load here. I was thinking... maybe to get it to work as a trickle charger for charging a 12v car battery. After all, a dvd player would not draw high current during operation. However, i am just not sure about the ACTUAL output vo
Hello guys .i have made 12 v regulator circuit for my project school..and what i should do with their output...i think i want to make multi charger but their ampere is 1A only...
i saw this cct in circuit gallery and i have some question about it 1-what will be the voltage on( cv or pin 5)coz it internally connect to voltage divider 2-i think red led always on ..then what is purpose of it ? Working Positive terminal of the upper c
I want to provide uninterrupted 12DC power to my raspberry pi based remote system. Rather than using a traditional UPS, I thought a LV DC UPS makes more sense which removes the unnecessary AC-DC-AC conversion. If I'm not wrong, I need a simple charge controller that charges a 12v battery protecting it against overcharging and over draining. It
Ok, so I'm completely new to this forum. So please bear with me. I also dont know if this is the correct secrion to post my question. So please move it or yell at me if i need to move it. ;-) Ok, so lets this party started. I need to build a 12volt to 12 volt battery charger, maintainer. Think UPS system for a PC, but the size of a bee
check following link Build Automatic Cut off charger for 7.4 Volts Battery there is an IC for battery charging from texas instrument you may check it file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Sett
Hi All, I'm planning to build a PWM solar charger for home use with flexibility/scalability in mind. I'm a beginner with less experience in pic programming. I expect to incorporate the solar charger with below features. 1. Based on PWM algorithm 2. Charging multiple 12v sealed lead acid batteries 3. 20x4 character LCD display for (...)
Hello everyone I could like to ask a question: I have an USB battery with 5V output. How I boost from 5V to 12v with a charger? I have also have a DC to DC Boost Buck Converter from 5V to 12v, but it is not working! With a transformer from 220AC-to-5V DC it is working: 5V input and 12v output. But with battery does not (...)
Hi all, I'm setting up a small solar panel to act as a trickle charger for a small 12v SLA battery. I've stepped down the 22 volt max from the 1.5 watt solar panel to 13.5 volts with a buck converter, with a maximum current of about 250 mA, but when the solar panel outputs less than 13.5 volts, the buck converter starts drawing power from the b
i want to design a charger using forward converter. i intend to use UC3842 chip as a control circuit , I just wanted to know is it possible to control the current ? I mean charger should be able to adjust the output current and voltage ? is it possible from uc3842?? configuration input voltage 90VAC to 265VAC output voltage 13.6 to 14VDC (a
I have two 12v 5ah lead acid batteries that I want to use as a back up from my 24v smps. My problem is I think I need 26v to charge the two batteries in series. I can either have two trickle chargers charging each 12v battery at 13.5v or have another smps with an output of 27v. Which is the most cost effective and /or best way?

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