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Hi, charging a liion battery is a problem of current and voltage. There are several charging techniques described in the internet. They tell you how to set (change, regulate) current and voltage. Knowing this you can use a * microcontroller and * a power supply (linear, switch mode...) with adjustable voltage and/or current. (acting as chargi
Once you confirm it. You are using Li-ion or Li-Po Batteries. The above link is Li-Po charger ICs from Texas Instruments . But it is need more components
Absolutely not Sorry to be so blunt, but you don't want to mess with those cells, even with the protection circuits on them. Charging liion cells, while not complicated, needs control and precision. The fact that you are asking the questions you are, means that you don't (yet) have the knowledge to do it safely. Seriously. The
Hi, I'm looking for building a custom protection circuit for rechargeable lithium ion polymer batteries. The three protection offered by the standard PCM are : - overcharge voltage - over discharge current - cut-off voltage Assuming, the charge voltage is regulated and controlled by the charger IC, the over discharge current is limited by
Hello, I am wondering, if it is possible to recharge battery using fluctuating power source like bicycle dinamo. Its voltage varies from 0-6 V, and current from 0-650mA. So, I am riding a bicycle and stop, and riding and stop, etc. etc. days... I would like to recharge NiMh batteries, and probably liion. So I not sure what kind of charger to b
Hello, I need to power a circuit with 3.3V, this circuit includes a ARM7 MCU, a SDCard and a Siemens TC65 GSM Module. I would like to power this module with a Li-Ion 1200mAh battery, for which I own a charger. The problem is with the power supply design. The liion Batt has a 3.7V nominal, and more than 4.3V when charging or charged fully. I w
NiMH & NiCd -- constant current lead acid & Li Ion -- constant voltage Especially for liion, but also for very fast charging of the other types you need to use an inteligent charger, that controls voltage, temperature, current and time of charging. Otherwise the battery may explode from overcharging.
Hi brothers! Reverse Engineering: Chinese Siemens Car Cigarette charger Gorkin.
also look at appnote 2107 from cypres micro : a full featured nicd-nimh-liion battery charger with their psoc chips.
PIC based NiCd, NiMh and liion accu charger with source code for CCS C compiler. You can find schematics, PCB layout and PC interfacing SW as well.