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Advanced design may be built into the charger, but the batteries also need to be compatible since they obviously have to absorb a high charge rate. I once had a nimh battery pack made from AAA size, that came with a 'fast' charger that sent about 1A into them. As I remember charging stopped when they reached a certain voltage then started to (...)
Hi, You could use special Battery charger ICs which i think is more safe. For Example : Check LTC4079 IC from Linear Technology. Only needs a few resistors (and a NTC - Temperature Protection) and works up to 60V input. (250ma Maximum Output current)
There are storebought 'smart' chargers for batteries. Do your batteries have tabs attached? Then they may not fit easily into the charger. charge and discharge battery some times This probably requires a custom-built charger. You'll want to set a certain number of cycles, charge rate, discharge rate, etc. Are you testing all your
Hello. Over the years i've been building little amplifiers for friends. I generally use 8x AA nimh batteries to power them. It's important to me that the user not have to remove the batteries in order to charge them. It's also important to me that they be able to use the amp while the batteries charge. In the past i've always built my own battery c
Hi, I have an enclosure and a circuit inside, which is powered by a 1.2v nimh battery inside the enclosure. I need to find a way to charge the battery inside, without having to open the enclosure and remove it, or without having to fit a power jack to the enclosure. Size is very important in my application and must be kept as small as possible. On
Hi all.... i have made a small project which works on 7.4v li-ion battery. my issue is can i charger my battery with normal 9v power adaptors or do i need a battery charger adaptors. will my 9v power adaptors charge the battery full. is 9v compatible or should i use 12v charger or power adaptors. my battery has a inbuilt over charge (...)
Hi All, I am planning to build 3 (connected in series) AA battery charger which is MCU-controlled. I just want to know the basic. Each has 1600mAh capacity. Voltage is 1.2V nominal to between 1.4 to 1.6V after charge. My questions are: 1. Can I use USB port for charging 3 AA battery nimh? Will it charge up to 4.8V? 2. I am planning to rea
LED1 is "stupid" and simply lights when the circuit is powered and its output is not shorted. LED2 lights all the time the circuit is powered and even lights if the output is shorted. The LED does not only light when the battery is fully charged. RV1 adjusts the maximum output voltage. One fully charged Ni-MH cell is 1.35V if charged from a low
A Ni-MH cell has a voltage as high as 1.5V only when it is overcharging at a current that is too high for it. Look at or at the applications manual from . A battery charger IC detects the small drop in voltage when a Ni-MH cell becomes fully charged then stops the charging to prevent overcharging. M
Hi, Have an instrument which has 9 nimh cell battery pack (10.8 Volts) . The charger inside the instrument will not do any attemp to charge the battery pack, Voltage of the battery pack is about 0.5V (for all the 9 cells) , it has been in storage for a couple of years and not used. The charger circuit uses the bq2003 Fast-Charge IC (...)
Hi, I'am searching for a ni-mh 2 AA battery charger circuit. It has to run off 5v because I want to use a USB port. (Doesn't cares if the battery's charge slowly) Regards Cecemel8-O
A "9V" Ni-Cad or Ni-MH battery might have 6 cells and produce 6.6V to 8.4V or it might have 7 cells and produce 7.7V to 9.8V. Then four batteries will produce 26.4V to 33.6V or 30.8V to 39.2V. A Lithium cell is 3.2V to 4.2V and three will produce 9.6V to 12.6V. Three 12V SLA batteries will produce 36.6V to 41.4V. So there is a range of voltages as
The battery charger i have is an Energizer Recharge Model: CHFC2 It says in the manual that is can charge double AA nimh up to 2650mAh The battery I am using are brand named Lenmar R2G , Nickel Metal Hydride , 1.2 volts at 2150mAh Will these batterys explode? or get damage? if I leave them in the Energizer Recharger more then the (...)
Hello everyone, I am currently working on a solar charger project (to charge a nimh battery which has a nominal voltage of 1.2 V and 1300 mA capacity) and I have come across some problems that I don't fully understand. My solar panel provides 2.14 V and 1.4 A. However, when I insert the battery, the solar panel voltage drops to 1.5 V (it is actuall
Hello. I'm plan to build several nimh battery chargers using the MAX712 IC and have some questions for you gurus. The datasheet for the MAX712 is located here. My first question concerns the Rsense resistor. Per the datasheet, Rsense is calculated as: RSENSE = 0.25V
Hi guys. I'm having problem in knowing whether when the nimh battery is fully charge. I need to make a programme on Mcc18 that can stop the charger from charging when the battery is fully charge. the charging kit: Input 15V, output 9V, adjustable current. I'm using a MPLAB v8.3 software. Please help
The Ni-MH battery has a nominal 1.2V/cell and fully charge of 1.4V/cell. If your battery has 10 cells, you can use a charger charge with a 14.4V max and 200mA (1/10 of the battery's AH) for 12-14 hours and discharge the battery with 200mA load until its voltage drop to 11V check the discharge time in hour and multiply by 10 that will be the approxi
Original project page: This version is little simplified. LED blinking code: Normal operation: green led - charging, red - discharging. red blinking at mistake: 1 - time over 2 - overheat (not used in this version) 3 - overvoltage (U>1.6V) 4 - high resistance of the battery 5 - mistake a
Presented here charger makes it possible to charge one or two accumulators nimh. Both accumulators are charged totally independently from each other. Average charging current is about 0,5A (peak 1A). The charger i

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