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Recently i found out that such problem still exists. I searched this board and found this old thread: , that suggests to 4. Use a more expensive fabrication method that has lower etching tolerances or use thinner metal (which will decrease the chemical etching time and undercutting) and then plate
My name is Sotο , i'm engineer mechanic. In my free time evolve a methode to construct mechanical micro components through CVD (chemical Vapour Deposition). This method deposit thin layers of hard crystalic materials on silicon buffers. The outline is cutting with LASER and finaly the buffer is removed by chemical etching. Examples (...)
like my method, i do screen printing like the one they use to do,badge,sticker and design on vest. screen printing on your pcb let it dry and and use etching your chemical to etch.
It depends on your manufacturer: most of professional PCB producers works in a completely different way compared to home etching. They start with a very thin layer of copper, put the photoresist on it (its thickness can reach even 50 microns) and via chemical process deposit more copper where the tracks are. In a such way (if correctly exposed, pho
The copper is milled from the fibreglass material using small high-speed grinding tools. The isolation areas have no copper! I have this facility but still prefer chemical etching :).
hi i m from india & want to do chemical etching we use traditional method which is very slow saw some screen printable photorsist pls tell where to get it from india
Dinesh, I feel it is due to the CMP(chemical mechanical polishing). The copper lines suffer dishing and erosion due to CMP. Hence the sheet resistance varies. Let me know if you are still unclear. Regards, Sandeep
Hi guys, I would like to share this site to all who wants to know PCB fabrication processes. This site tills a lot of techniques and things to be considered in making PCB. Some of topics discussed: Panel and Pattern Plating Lead Free Printing and Surface Finished chemical etching Mechanical etching and many more.
I want to know if somebody I use this kit and what is the best pcb I can do with that. Can I do a double side pcb and what is the smalles trace I can do. Thanks for your help .