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Try the following: (1) Put led & resistor together in parallel. (2) See if the simulation runs with no errors. (3) If it does then increase resistor value step-by-step, until it draws very little current. (4) If you get no errors then the led becomes the chief load. A useful trick is to install resistors in strategic places, because often it mak
HOW TO BECOME chief minister
Hello my dear friends, How to become chief minister of state i will give business here little bit
I like this oscillator circuit because the capacitor's characteristics are the chief factor, and they are easy to - - Updated - - - Hmmm... Now I notice the capacitor has a negative charge for half the cycle. This may not be good fo
Hi there everyone, I'm Glendon Klassen, chief Operating Officer of bitEX Ltd. We specialize in cryptographic technologies, FPGA & ASIC design, PCB design, and novel networking solutions. We're hosting a contest for anyone interested in: -a one year paid internship with bitEX, with the possibility of a full-tim
Hi all, I've just read paper published by "Avery Li-Chun Wang", chief scientist and co-founder of Shazam. I've understood that Shazam generates for each audio sample a finger-print that is then used to search in their data-base. I understood that you record sound from your microphone,but how do you generate a spectrogram. Once you g
Try drawing increasingly more current from the secondary, by attaching loads with lower resistance (and higher watt rating). See when the transformer gets too warm to hold. That is the chief way to determine safe maximum current output. To go further you can multiply each volt reading times the simultaneous current reading. The result is power i
I hope my doubt is so basic, but still have this confusion. Where "Report" shall be used and where "write" function shall be used in VHDL simulation?. I see almost both doing same print screen, except report tells you the sim time.... Thanks
I am a Hotel chief Engineer and we have the LG 32LC5DC Flat screens (lcd). For the past 12 months we have had a problem with them not coming on when you hit the on button,we get the audio but no video. If I turn it off then on again most times it will come on. We have over 100 of these and now we have 75% of them doing this...any thoughts,was told
Please submit your resume/CV to Email enquiries are welcome. Hope you good luck. Thank you for your time. Business Title UNIX Systems Admin, I Requisition Number 1261BR Hiring Location(s) INDIA - Bangalore Job Category Info Technology Business Unit chief Information Office Hire Type Employee Job Description and R
HI, how can PIER have more than 3 if IEEE APS than e.g. 2.x Introduction by the Editor-in-chief makes no sense! F.
Great thread. I recently got altium when they had a fantastic sale going on, but have not had the time to learn how to use it. Getting MW shapes into it is a chief concern! Glad it can be done. keep the tips coming!
I had graduated from liaoning univercity(a china school) about 1.5 year, I am fresh engineer at a w/b engineer,i handle some process let me feel weary. My chief profession is electronic sicence and technology,but I use it a little right now. I wanna change my job,such as package simulation . At least, it can u
Quick facts:  When: June 1st 2009, 4PM to 6PM  Where: Board Room, Mentor Graphics, Hyderabad  Agenda: 1 hour: SystemVerilog language tutorial. 45 min: Case study, 15 min: Q&A  Who: Srinivasan Venkataramanan, chief Technology Officer, CVC Pvt. Ltd.  Cost: No cost, but limited space, first-come-first-serve IEEE 1800, SystemVerilog i
There are 2 chief things. First, you have to have enough isolation so that the transmitter does not blow up the receiver front end. Second, transmitters put out a lot of broadband noise. That broadband noise can leak to the receiver front end, and cause the system to have something like a 40 dB noise figure! Either you have to turn off the
1. The clock used in digital circuits is the chief contributor of radiated and conducted EMI. IC companies reduced the peak EMI radiated by modulating the clock. 1. How is the EMI related to the clock frequency variation? 2. Which method of modulation is the best method? 1. AM 2. FM (or PM)
Source: Below is the text of the letter that was sent earlier today to the Board of Directors of Mentor Graphics, in care of Walden C. Rhines, Chairman and chief Executive Officer of Mentor Graphics: June 17, 2008 The Board of Directors of Mento
PMC Caracas Metropolitan Police PMC chief Patternmaker (Naval Rating) PMC Pacific Marine Center PMC Pacific Municipal Consultants (California) PMC Packet Mode Channel PMC Pain Management Center PMC Palestine Media Center PMC Pan-Massachusetts Challenge PMC Paper Machine Clothing PMC Parallel Model Combination PMC parallel multiu
Senior/chief IC Design Engineers Requirements - Master's/ Bachelor's Degree in Electrical/ Electronics Engineering with an emphasis in IC design - Analog knowledge of PLL, High Speed transceiver, Charge Pump and Regulator - Knowledge in ESD, EMI and Latch-up - Mixed Signal high performance interfaces - Expert knowledge of VHDL/Ver
Hi, everybody, I will choose my research interset not long before, my group chief suggersts me the basestation PA, I don't know how to deicide it? Could you give me some advices? Which one is promising? I mean which one is more helpful for harvest and good job? please don't reply to me, such as both of OK, if you are best, and some key technology a