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Hello all i need service manual of china make cro 10Mhz one channel st16a or similar. please help. thank yugal
Good evening everyone until the end I found a good forum because here in Brazil has almost nothing on this subject, I am almost crazy to make a program that generates a sine wave of 60 Hz to 3090 Hz and another, bought 2 module china dds9850 but I'm having a hard time communicating with the pic, and if someone help me
Hi, everyone! I am Jackie from Shenzen city of South china. I am so glad to learn so much from this forum . I am not sure if it's appropriate to do so, but i would like to take my chance to look for a job for international company who has importing business from china. I have been working in Lighting business for 6 years, understanding a lot (...)
goto china eetop forum , more ledit user and more ebook on site
Nice forum folks. I'm glad to of found a resource like this. Please excuse my lack of technical understanding within this post... allow me to explain: I have a small active speaker. Its size is only about 0.3Lt. Here are the specs that are screen printed on the back: Generic brand, Made in china. Inputs: 5.0VDC & 3.5mm Stereo Jack. Output
Hello all, First of all, Thanks to whoever runs this forum...and thanks to the participants. Am looking to start a venture in the field of design & validation of ICs. This would include consulting and applications development and can involve multinational operations (including china, of course). If you have a presence in Silicon Valley
Though I am a sales Rep. of PCBs, FPCs,PCB Assembly... Do not want to spam here, just wanna post a normal Ads in This forum, Hope to provide some usefull information for particular ones. I know there are many people who has intention to source PCB's from china, but afraid of problems like quality, services or anything concerned. I am here
Hi, I wonder if here is anybody who can help me to practice my oral english, I'm in Shanghai china. We can have a conversion using MSN or yahoo massenger, I work is related to RF circuit design, we can also have some technical communication. If your at interested, please contact me, you'd better come from USA or other english speaking country.
goto china eda forum LIKE HERE someone will upload tool , but very very large and hard to download ..
Hello Madam/Sirs, It is the first time for me to post message on this forum.Very nice to know U. Our company is Posin Electronic Co.,Ltd,a professional manufacturer of PCB & FPC in china.For more info,welcome to visit our website: If any other needs,pls feel free to contact me. MSN:qx316116@163
Hi I would like to get quotations for PCB manufacturing for prototype run of a board 50mm x 70mm, 1 layer, solder mask, silk screen and quantities of 50 and 100 initially with lead times. Quotation must have price breakdowns and shipping costs as well Either send in PM or in the forum Thanks
Select a popular news paper in china and place a nice, Beautiful looking "classified" Advt. You may get more response than you expect here. This forum is related to technology. Not language. Good luck.
hi~~ i'm from Qingdao,china,and u?
hey,I want to sell FPGA forum of china,any one interest? the site is: the FPGA forum in china,Rank top 3 in google chinese search in chinese language. Member is about 28K+,anyone have interest? If you have ideas of commercial,please share with me. contact :
Dear Everyone, This is Jennifer Liu from Shenzhen china. I live in Shenzhen, like reading, sports, music, making friends. Very happy to know all of you. At present, My job is as a sales in a factory for computer peripherals. Hope making friends for all of you.
Hello, everyone, i am Cheney I know all of you here is for PCB design, actually i am in a pcb factory. so hope we could have a good cooperation in a near future from this forum. I am from a PCB factory in china. What i want is hope we could produce PCB to all of you, as mostly our customer is the pcb trader from EU or USA, but not the end-user.
pls visit it. thanks.
I suppose that it should have some classifications. like year of experience, digital or analog, front-end or back-end, region, city, basic living expense etc. Ideally we could have a template or check list for all... A starting try: Country: china City: Shanghai Position: Front-end, digital IC, design engineer Experien
Hi Temoo this is company in china work in PCB Design for High speed Board up to 28 layer U can contact it to ask about fabricator in china or Tiwan? B.R. Added after 39 seconds: Hi Temoo this is company in china work in PCB Design for High speed Board up to 28 layer U can contact it to ask about
Hi guys, A while back I saw banner on the forum for PCB prototyping in china but I can no longer find the link, can anyone direct me to the link for this? or Are there any other cheap fast turn around PCB prototype service available that you would recommand?? Thank in advance!

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