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Yes, you can do this, it needs you to derive / extract the LRCM mesh accurately and impose likely aggressors and so on. I've been able to make DJ appear in Spectre analog_extracted based simulations, C-only, from long lines routed in proximity. I have no idea whether your tools and PDK support inductance (let alone mutual). But the 'scope looks ve
You can treat it as an op amp, which it basically is (with an on-chip voltage reference tied to the + input, and usually a way-asymmetric output stage, and the feedback all internal). Just put your AC=1 stimulus between the reference and the error amp input, and proceed as normal. I would recommend not bothering with trying to break the (...)
If your high side voltage is above 2v then the ZXCT1009 chip will work fine. Unless your high side voltage falls below 2v and you still wish to monitor the current, than you will probability have another source to power the shunt amplifier available. Any op amp that has a common mode voltage reaching down to zero would be more appropriate.
Hi, I used MikroC and Mikroprog for programming PIC and dspics. Recently I have lost my Mikroprog, and I use my PICKIT3 for programming. I generate hex file using mikroC and use MPLAB IPE to program the chip but, unfortunately, we face a warning like : 2016-06-20T22:26:01-0700 - Completed loading IPE. 2016-06-20T22:26:07-0700 - Loading hex fi
If the VCO is an IC internal VCO it may be incapable of driving a 50-ohm load regardless of whether it's a MMIC or a piece of test equipment. Presumably any off-chip port will have to be a sane impedance. So is the need really an impedance transformation like 500 ohms on-chip pullups, to 50 ohms PCB trace? If so and at these frequencies, maybe
Hello Everyone! I had an oscillation problem when testing my fabricated chip. As shown in these figures, the transient waveforms of the op amp outputs got severe oscillations. Ch1 and Ch2 are the two output nodes and the red curve is differential output after math operation. 128002 128003
how ADE7758 chip knows what ct i am using, assume a ct with burdern resistor of x it produces 100mv / amp , if i reduce the burdern resistor to half of x then i will get 50mv/amp, how this information is fed to the ad7758 chip. how much mv/ amp i must give. is there any register for this. assume i am (...)
This is a very old technology. Answers are : 1- Yes you can do using an appropriate modem chip. 2- Almost of modem chip support handshaking. 3- it depend on the component design. 4- same as 3. 5- all modern modems support both protocols. 6- Yes. If you still have any problem finalising your project just PM me.
THis cct has a CM reference at V+/2 but poor CMRR. I would think an IA (Instrumentation amp) would be best for this application. Using discrete OA's or better a single chip IA. [Q
Hello. I have a lab power supply design which consists of a offline flyback converter followed by a linear post-regulator stage controlled by data converters and a micro-controller(?C). I need a 16bit ADC to replace my 24bit LTC2400, I knew that a LTC2400 was not the preferred choice and I have been told here on this forum with good motivation t
Hello edaboard, I am working on a project, and for that project I have to program a dspic33ep128mc206 microcontroller from microchip. This is a link to the specific chip. The data sheet for the dspic is at the bottom of the page. We have connected all the Vdd, A
Hii there Guys, I was looking for a Voice Codec chip similar to CSP1027 from Lucent that can work for cellular handset & modem applications at low power. Appreciate any help as I'm new to this subject. Thanks in advance.
Hi All, I have a basic doubt on AOCV derates.. The AOCV derate is to model the local on chip process variations. It models systematic variation as a function of distance and random variation as a function of depth. So the AOCV derates only models the process variation on chip (within chip). How about on chip (...)
hi every body we are designing a rfid/nfc based product & need chip ,abundant nfc chip with really good support like data sheet,application notes,and standard initialing library. goal is very simple ,only reading & writing mifare classic 1k cards & mobiles with nfc chips (for using in a clubs,gyms&...) we found pn532 nxp's product,it (...)
Did you read more than the datasheet title page? Datasheet chapter 7, Part numbering. Z and R refers to different pin count. No STM32 device has on-chip EEPROM as far as I'm aware of.
Hey Everyone, Looking to implement a system using the Freescale KL02 series MCUs, and possibly using an RTOS such as MQX Lite. Though it seems pretty cool from what I have read, I am looking for people who has experience using this chip, and using an IDE with this (Code Warrior or Keil(using Keil)), and what their opinions are on how straight fo
Hello. I designed a half bridge converter by using tl494 chip. and so it's 2pole - 2zero compensation network. but this configuration is suitable for inverting error amp configuration not non inverting like tl494. Now I confused how to solve this problem for make circuit to be stable! Actually using a RC feedback in non inverting configuration s
You have a channel input to route your current through and a channel to route your voltage into. The chip has some options to turn the gain and do filtering for you (which maybe helpful for cleaner signals). It has a selectable output frequency for your controller. So what you would do is: 1.) Set your gain and filter preferences with the G pins
... Is it because the op-amp might be damaged ? Possible, of course. Did you try the other ones? A different chip? Checked your connections?
One way to go would be to use a galvanic isolated instrumentation amp. This is a self contained chip that transfers an analogue voltage across a galvanic barrier rated up to 7.5 KV. One per channel , then a multiplexor to "switch" your analogue inputs from channel to channel which is synchronised with the display and your single ICL7135 A to D.