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Apparently a defective core voltage regulator. Probably total loss. The CPU chip may be damaged too.
What is this device? Power Supply? For the computer? Or other device? May be you have a PWM controller. I had a similar problem when repairing a computer power supply unit Thermaltake 500W. There was a chip in the same SMD 6-pin package. Marking was certainly different. I found out that this chip is SG6848, although body markings did not (...)
in general that in my LCD display is died eeprom chip, but at the same time with repairing i have copied flash chip. may be it will be useful for someone ) Code: LS20HABESQ/EDC Type: BR20CS Genesis gm5766-LF M-HA20B9BDa 1003 (8A80) 2006.11.16 Flash 25LV010 obrazki.elektro
hello freinds i am in trouble for how i can idenfiy, IO chip Is faulty or ICH, when an laptop is not switched on. Is there any signal which can help me. Thanx in advance please post your helpful tips.
Dear All Friends Hope lot of people have won the EDA Board logo pen drive, if it stop working you can used uploaded software to get it working back same method can be used for other chip just check out what type of controller it has then Google it with part number you will find flasher software for the controller chip, i have shared a link here
chip-level debugging of motherboards is essentially- re-balling, removing the device and assembling it back. So, it's mainly very fine-level of assembly activity. There are no institutes that teach this work. You just have to start doing this.. :-)
It was a good effort and full of electronics fun. It is very nicely shred. It is exactly same as the SHARP, SONY and Pioneer did with their chip markings. I had the equivalent numbers list when I was involved in repairing TVs and audio equipment. The general ICs were available in the market at a very reasonable price where as the same under Sony or
It is a custom designed chip for Sanwa DMMs. It is a LCD display + AD converter available from Sanwa only. You may not get it from open market.
dear sir, I have a customer laptop lenovo G550 laptop which has a power problem. I have just very little knowledge about chip level repairing.. but i did open all the laptop parts and look after all chips damaged... in that one i found one chip which was little bit disconnected... like so i soldered it tight... (LM393 8 (...)
First is a normally misused term. When we started the laptop training facility at our service division in Kerala, India we have more than 6 years experience in servicing the laptops. When we goggle searched for the term laptop service training and laptop chip level training , we could not find a single entry. It date backs to 2005 when the tr
HI, i'm looking for laptop motherboard (for chip level service ) bga rework station, & programmer and adapter for up to latest bios program option. which model is best ? thank you!
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LEARN LAPTOP chip LEVEL TRAINING THE FIRST IN LAPTOP SERVICE TRAINING IN INDIA • LAPTOP chip LEVEL TRAINING FULL DAY BATCH • BASIC ELECTRONICS, DESKTOP MOTHERBOARD chip LEVEL COURSE Basic Electronics Analog Digital . Block Diagram, How work, Basic Problems, Circuit diagram, repairing Steps of (...)
Thanks for your enquiry related to chip Level Troubleshooting and repairing of Desktop Motherboard & Laptop Course. This is the second reminder letter for the in-house course starting from 1st Dec. 2009. Compu Drive System (CDS) established in the year 1992 at Kolkata, India, has reached pinnacles of success; in the field of Electronics a
I'm repairing data logger board consisting this chip C71060A20C1. packaged in 16pin DIP . but ican't find the datasheet. i'm tired to find. I hope some one help. I knowthis is an old time chips.
Hi Group, Myself Amol Jambhulkar , recently joined this forum to become the part of fraternity. I'm resident of Dist. Bhandara, small town 60KM east of Nagpur(Maharashtra). I'm working with Laptop/Desktop Service provider as system engineer since last 04 years. I got hands on experience with troubleshooting/ repairing Printers, Desktops Laptops
May you please explain how we can find the section / chip / component after getting the code from the debug (POST) Card. again, what are to be checked after finding the section? Then how the faulty component can be identified? Can it be possible to write the bios which was corrupted, without having any equipment? Ot
hi plz what is exactly ur model usually its fr732(I OR Y OR B) I HAVE SOME TIPS FPR repairing THIS PROBELM FR732 MODEL:FR732 J PROBLEM:Sometimes the tuner part is inoperative CURE:Check connector CP200 and plug ALSO RESOLDER TUNER JOINTS BCZ DRY JOINTS CAN CAUSE SUCH PROBLEMS ALSO TRY TO KNOW THE MEMORY EPROM chip NUMBER IN UR RECIV
The chances of fixing the modem are not good. There is probably a line coupling transformer between the modem chip(s) and the telephone line. You may have blown the windings on that transformer. If the transformer is OK, it is possible you blew the line drivers/receivers that are connected between the transformer and the modem chip(s). Thes