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dear all... I am from Nagpur MH, Having Trouble , I am Using p4 processor , Intel chipset i945lm4 Mother Board , The Problem is A Onboard Lan Port Dead (Detect Sometime ) If Lan Enabled In Bios PC Hang at windows startup process , If Disabled Computer Will work Fine , External Card working but some time Automaticly Hanging Computer, So Please He
Before going to PCB design understand the chip set features ,what each pin is going to do and what results you are expecting in the FPGA.. And also think about what input you need to give from FPGA to ur chipset to get the expected this analysis you will get some idea about what and all is required on the PCB to get the expected resul
Hi, I would like to build my own amateur training computer with 4040 chipset. But I need some description (datasheet) for memory controller 4289. Only first page of this datasheet is available on popular datasheet servers. Please, have somebody scanned complete datasheet 4289? I have built simple test computer with 4040, 4201, 4002 and 4289 + E
Hi everybody, I am doing a project in which i am interfacing GPS module with ATMEGA16 ?c First of all i may be using either sr87 or mtk chipset for interfacing with ?c i heard that these gps modules dont work inside room actually i want to do project in my lab in college because i have access to pc in college and i want to test the gps mo
32K Hz Xtal can be find in chipset RTC cell .. as I know 32K is more difficut than 1M Hz .. and you need more large gain some XTAL have gate control (use AND gate) for disable /enable .. hspice simulation maybe OK you can enable/disable XTAL clock , but real chip test , when power on is work but disable XTAL -> restart will fail i
Hi, Is it possible to measure/test the impedance of an RF output/input pin of a chipset which has RF functions? Thanks. ckJJ
for USB 2.0 PHY use internal look back test .. digital send out USB singal and receive from anoth PHY chipset have many USB port .. you can not check eye pattern in MASS production .. for USB 1.1 PHY standard IO test .. USB 1.1 very slow .. and we don't check Tr/Tf or cross-point by Mass production