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Thank you FlapJack and C. Mitra for taking the time to answer. Well noted for the diode and it is a regulated supply, as you noted and meant. As for the resistor, please clarify, is it meant to be 200 ohm minimum or maximum? do you mean to choose a 200ohm instead of a 100ohm? Additionaly, if choosing higher resistance (like 200 ohm), will
I am looking for a diode components, can I used this diode for my rectifier? And for the capacitor, which capacitor type is best used for push-pull filter application? do you think an electrolytic is good to use?
Hi there, I have been reading around about capacitors in RF design. I would like to find a suitable capacitor to use as an in series DC block. I understand the self resonance frequency needs to be above the upper working frequency and the reactance needs to be low for the working frequencies. I'm having trouble finding a capacitor to meet my nee
Hi. I am wondering about coupling capacitor value. What are criteria in choosing input/output coupling capacitors for LNA at 1.5GHz? They are parts of input and output matching networks. However, I think to design the input/output matching network we need to determine the values of these capacitors first.
how to choose a capacitor values for the circuits?
Hi, Have a read here as to use function of the crystals Brown Out is a voltage level that the chip will sense and cause a shut d
See the article "choosing and Using Bypass capacitors" at
Hi folks! I am currently designing a GSM based design needs 5V 650 mA current for charging interface . The design is size critical and we are using KTT version of LM317 for providing 5V-650 mA . The heat sinking is done by a solder masked pad on PCB. We need to power up design by 26V. The problem we are facing is enormous heat generation. I under
Hi - I'm trying to make sure I fully understand how to choose decoupling capacitors. My understanding is that my goal should be to have minimum impedance on my power supply at the frequencies of interest/problems in my system. ie if my clock frequency is 100MHz, I should aim for the capacitors to have a very low impedance around 100MHz and the h
I'm glad I know what that the resistors do now, but I still don't know how to choose them. I've spent hours researching them on the web and checking through my textbook but I can't find anything that explains the process of how to go about choosing the resistor values or shows an analytic approach to examine the circuit. I've tried analyzing it mys
In atmega8 uart what kind of pump capacitor(such as electrolytic,ceramic,polar,non polar and which value) is good while using MAX 232 and i am confused about buffer size. Suggestion needed.
Hello! I am developing a 60 VDC powered 3 phase motor driver with 17 ARMS phase current (for BLDC and BLAC motors basically) I was wondering which is the main factor used to choose the DC bus capacitor? In AC powered drives, the bus capacitor is chosen according to the allowed bus voltage ripple. Since the device will be powered fr
Hello, folks. Which brand of el caps do you use in your projects? Choose on of following or add yours. I will be appretiated in any helpful information. Nichicon Rubycon Sanyo Panasonic Samsung Samxon My choice is Nichicon and Rubycon at moment, thinking to give a chance to Samxon, but need more information. Sanyo good ones, but too expens
choosing and Using Bypass capacitors Rgds, IanP
Hi all, This is with respect to a pipeline ADC I am designing. I have to choose the comparator thresholds now. My input signal is 1V differential and power supply is 2.5V and common mode level is 1.25V. So the input signal will vary from 0.75V to 1.75V. What value do I choose for Vref+ and Vref-? How are these references produced in general, l
while choosing the value of the capacitor for the sc cmgb ckt you need to take follosing care. 1) Capacitor is size is big enough so that the droop in output common mode is withing range. 2) Capacitor size should be below the value where it start loading the circuit and reduce the gain (sc resistance) This is with assumption that your update
Hi folks, could anyone tell me how i should dimension my bypass and couple capacitors?? Is there any good stuff in the net, where I can read about it?? Thx Curgan