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1. I can suggest you to use an OPAMP with very low input offset voltage (also known as chopper or auto zero or zero drift. the name varies with manufacturer but the functions are same). Non of the OPAMP which is embedded into the microcontroller will suitable to interface your sensor (except Cypress PSoC controller wich is very much expensive compa
Hello, which topic is more publishable (not many people published papers in it before and there is a great opportunity to publish a paper in it) 1-design of low power adcs 2-design of chopper instrumentation amplifiers thanks:)
In the design of single loop 3 ordersc sigma delta modulator ,how to eliminate the 1/f noise of the first intergator beside the chopper theck ? Also ,due to the suppress of the noise tranfer founction in low frequency , the cap of second and third integrator can be very small, but how to deside the lowest value of the cap size? what's the
Dear all, i am trying to design two stage sigma-delta adc with Fs=125K, but my chopper freqency is FS/2. the input of adc is DC component, so is my chopper freq too high for my application? Thanks. what is common chopper freq. of such application. Thans. (...)
The subject is interesting. You will need to use an adc to measure the generator output voltage. If your microcontroller doesn't have one, I think the adc0804 will do. Then you will need to do simple discreete PI or PID controller in software. Depending on your method of controlling the field current, you will need a chopper or a controlled (...)
I'm in a adc design team. I'm in charge of the chopper comparator design.But I don't know what a chopper comparator is.