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I try to simulate a chopper instrumentation amplifier. Chopping frequency is 5 KHz and cut-off frequency is 700 Hz. I use pss+pnoise analysis to see the noise spectrum and measure the integrated noise, but it seem to be wrong. Is it necessary to put an ideal ?Sample-and-Hold? circuit in chopper-amplifier (...)
Hi, I am designing chopper amplifier and trying to simulate noise analysis by using PSS and Pnoise. But i am not getting any noise shift in noise plot and also not showing any noise reduction with chopping. I am using chopping frequency=20KHz and input signal frequency=1KHz. I am (...)
Hi all I am designing a chopper amplifier (picture below). How I can run DC gain and noise ? I need transient to turn on clk and clkb, and I need to run ac (gain vs frequency). Is it correct way to do? I appriciate any idea. Thanks a
hi all~ From papers I read about chopper stabilization, the flicker noise in the PSD of chopper amplifier should be modulated to odd harmonics of chopping frequency. And I use a simple fully differential op-amp to simulate this function with PSS & Pnoise. The beat frequency is 10kHz. From the simulation (...)
Hi Everyone, After simulating a chop amp, it seems like looking at the input referred noise, the 1/f noise is moved to the modulation freq (clk freq), but when I look at the output referred noise, I still see 1/f noise at DC level. I thought the 1/f noise should have been modulated up by the demodulator (...)
from cadence help doc, it is said pss and pnoise can simulate chopper stabilized opamp noise. so I use this to simulate my design. my design has an on-chip osc. but when simulating, the pss function (oscillator) doesn't converge well, it often fails. if I remove the osc circuit, and add an ideal clock, then the pss function works. (...)
Hi would you mind giving me some simple steps on how to use pss and pnoise simulation for a chopper amplifier? since Im quite lost and at our school we dont have tutorials or cadence help..thank you very much and goodluck for your designs!
now i am designing a opamp with chopper stablization,but i donot know how to simulation the noise curve with the hspice, so i cannot decide the chopper frequency,is anybody can tell me?thanks!
Hi all, I am working in the design a chopper op-amp.but I can't continue for some question: I have designed a two stage amp with 1M bandwidth ,gain is 72dB,PM 61. -3dB bandwidth is 250Hz.compensation capacitor is 1.1pF.I have choose the chopper frequency at 100kHz or 100Hz.With the two frequencies ,the chopper modulators can't reduce the (...)
chopper stabilization ;-) nathan