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can any1 please give me a sample vhdl code for cic decimation filter please. thankyou, maya
What does it mean - z = 2y ? To multiply use * symbol. For upsample or downsample use 'upsample' or 'downsample' commands. Or design an interpolation or decimation FIR or cic filter.
Dear all, I want to design a cic decimation filter for a 3rd-order sigma-delta modulator with single-bit quantization.*As we know, cic filter need's 2's complement arithmetic. Let's assume I need 16 bits internal word length for correct operation. Now my question is, do I need to convert my 1-bit unsigned quantized data (at the the modulator
A cic decimator with power-of-two ratio R will keep the most significant bits and add less significant bits according to the useable dynamic range. If we imagine a fractional number representation, this corresponds to a gain of 1. Bit pruning is just the method to derive the required bit number of each stage after deciding about the output word wid
what are the advantages of integrating at higher sampling rate and for comb filters lower sampling rate in cic filters
Hi, I have two simple question to ask why doesn't the layout instance of MOS from cic library(0.35um) have bulk contact? I have only see diff and nimp for nmos but no pimp and how do I choose the contact type in calibre? ex: M1_POLY1 ,M1N,M1P... thank you
Hey everyone, I wrote a code for a cic filter using Verilog HDL. However, I do not know if my problem lies in the testbench I have written or in Multisim. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me if something is wrong in the following short test bench. module test; reg clk; wire x,y; assign x=8'b 00000001; wb_hp_f (.clk(clk),.
Hi, I'm currently writing my bachelor's thesis. I read many research papers and came up with a very efficient and fast FIR filter structure. However, yesterday I received the parameters of the filter needed at the institute in order to program it on an FPGA. and to my surprise, they need a high-pass filter with a pass (...)
Hi ALL in now days i design FIXED POINT FIR that wil be implemented on FPGA the filtering unit using cic decimation followed by 2 fir LPF. the input to the unit is 32 bits - 30 fractions and 2 for real number. the end of the unit in 57 bits and i take just the fractions -51 downto 22. when i analyze the FILTER FREQUENCY RESPONSE (...)
Hi all! I am trying to design a simple cic decimation filter for my first order delta sigma modulator. Oversampling is 1024 and output is 1 bit. I tried to go with the standard theory for design. It gives 11 bits for 1st integrator, and 21 for the next. I am amazed over the fact that how can a 21 bit output be obtained (...)
The concepts behind FIR design are very well known. In reality, an FIR filter is known as an inner-product. It is so well defined that efficient methods are very well known -- cic and half-band. Further, it isn't even difficult to turn a least-squares "reduced basis" into a filter. Several "window functions" exists for those who don't (...)
hi all i design now decimation unit to downsample signal samplesd in 1M to 2K i cascaded cic decimation then fir decimation and then downsample block ( in simulink). when i simulate the unit it looks good - i mean i can see the filter gain ( when the input is pulse) and i see the down sampling when the input is sin wave sampled by (...)
cic decimation filters are a simple way.
Hi ALL I working on aplication that i need to sample 1.9Khz signal by 1Mhz , its mean 512 OSR - AFTER SIGMA DELTA MODULATION ( FOR SEPARATE the quantization noise from the signal) i need to decimate the signal by decimatin rate of 512. i decided to use cic filter to decimate by 128 and then cascade more 2 FIR - one as compensator and (...)
Hi ALL I working on some application that gonna be implement on FPGA It involve with sample signal by 512 over sampling ratio and then decimate the signal by this OR - 512 (DELTA SIGMA MODULATION) does some one have a good idea for me about the decimation filter block i thought about 3 options- 1 - cic DECIMATE BY 128 and THEN (...)
HI ALL i am working now on some delta sigma application - i overasample the digital input signal by 512 then pass it through delta sigma modulator and then i need to decimate it (by 512) because i need to implement it on FPGA i thought to use cic DECIMATION FILTERS to decimate by 256 and then use fir to decimate by 2 (...)
Read the error messages more thoroughly. The syntax error is in the component code, not the test bench. entity cic is generic(CI_SIZE : integer := 18; -- cic input data width CO_SIZE : integer := 30; -- cic output data width STAGES : integer := 5); port( -- This line is missing ce : in std_logic
There's some code involved like cic filter, FIR filter, IIR filter ,Cordic algorithm and FFT in the book "Digital Signal Processing with Field Programmable Gate Arrays".Hope it would be helpful.
Hi, Some question regarding digital low pass filter for ADC. If I need 12 ENOB output do I have to implement dcimation filter (cic) with decimation factor at least 4096? and ENOB and stable output bits are the sam
about delta sigma cic filter it consists of integrator , decimator and differentiator. lots of thesis discuss the mininmun word length for preventing overflow. and it says that it is the same as the average window filter in frequency domain. but if we disuss it in transient domain? since every integrator in each stage will (...)

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