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Hello, I?ve got problem with my 3 Stage Filter Design in matlab (for a Delta-Sigma Modulator), it would be great if someone could help! The delta-sigma modulator has an input signal of 1kHz and wir OSR = 512 an output of 1 MHz. So I decided to do a 3 stage Filter: cic w. 1 Bit input (decimation factor R = 128), cic Compensator (...)
Hello Everyone, I am designing cic filter, I have one doubt, how we choose no. of sections of comb and integrator
hello all , I need to implement cic decimator, here is the matlab code using fvtool r=64; m=1; n=3; iwl=16; owl=12; IFL = 0; % Input fraction length cic = mfilt.cicdecim(r,m,n); cic.InputFracLength = IFL; f_in =5120; h=fvtool(cic,'FS',f_in); I checked the impulse response (...)
hello all , I have a problem when designing cic filter on matlab here is the code : r=64; m=1; n=3; IFL = 0; % Input fraction length cic = mfilt.cicdecim(r,m,n); cic.InputFracLength = IFL; I use fvtool to check the impusle response and I got figure 1 attached , 9330093299 I also use
I am doing a project in matlab simulink. I am giving input to cic filter a fixed wordlength 24 bit and fractional length i am setting the parameters in the cic interpolation block in matlab simulink with interpolation factor 8,differential delay M=1,no of sections as 9 and i am using zero latency interpolator.Now w
What does it mean - z = 2y ? To multiply use * symbol. For upsample or downsample use 'upsample' or 'downsample' commands. Or design an interpolation or decimation FIR or cic filter.
can anyone help me to implement cic filter in matlab?:sad: i need to plot the magnitude response of comb (cic)filter. just second order is enough..... help me.. thanks in advance:smile:
cic really is an implementation. The filter it describes is itself not that good. it is moving average to then Nth power. Huge amount of delay and generally poor filtering characteristics. But the implementation with fixed point math is insanely simple. You can use filter/conv/filtfilt to perform a cic filter in matlab. The performance (...)
Hi, The Filter design toolbox in matlab assumes 1.15 input data format for a cic filter by default. The cic output wordlength is calculated automatically in matlab. Therefore the S36e15 that you see means that the cic filter design function has determined that the gain of your cic filter is (...)
Can't you look at the frequency response in matlab. You've completely speced out the filter above (3rd order, D=256, cic).
My IF is 5Mhz. I need to reduce my sampling frequency 409.8Mhz to 20.48 Mhz by using FIR lowpass filter, so i am decimating it in 2 stages , first time i am using cic filter and decimation factor 5 then i will get the new sampling frequency 81.9 which is given to half band filter by decimating factor 4 then we will obtain finally 20.48
Hi,all I am in a project of Sigma-Delta ADC. But I get in trouble when I design the digital filter in the matlab. The filter consists of a cic, a cicCOMP and two halfband. When cic is followed by the cicCOMP and then the twe halfbands, the cicCOMP can compensate the droop caused by the (...)
Can one show me cic filter(cascade of integrator comb filter) matlab code? I want to design a Sinc^2 comb filter followed by sigma-delta ADC. It is 1-bit input , 16-bit output decimation filter. How can I bulit and setting a cic SIMULINK model? pls help me, thank you!
Hello I want to design cic filter in matlab with just 3 variables: Order, Decimation factor, & input data rate. The problem is when I use matlab's "filterbuilder"and select cic I can specify decimation factor and input data rate only. The order is determined for you automatically based on passband and attenuation (...)
Hi, I am designing a decimation filter for sigma delta ADC. I have read some materials, and my design consists of 3-stages. 1 cic filter, 1 cic compensator and 1 halfband filter, with oversampling rate 128, input bitstream (1 bit). The output will be 16bit. I designed the filter in matlab, and with floating point precision, (...)
Hi all, I need to implement a cic decimator in an FPGA in fixed-point format. Everything works fine in floating point format in matlab simulations. I am now translating the design from floating point to fixed point, and have to design the bit width of each integrator and differentiator. I know the bitwidth at output can be calculated by Bmax
in matlab Library there are cic decimation block. I characterize it as my project application. now I want to give to this block Random digital input and see the output. Question : what kind of input should I give to it from matlab library ?
Hi I hope to answer to this question! In matlab Simulation for 4 stage cic ( Cascade Integrator Comb filter ) filter ther are 4 stage Integratot and 4 stage Comb filter . these stage connect together by 1 sampling switch which decrease the sample frequency rate under Decimation factor. in my project sampling switch should switch every 2