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The official (business) way of course is to get it directly from TSMC. If you are working on a university project, your university should get in contact with the the taiwan National Science Council Chip Implementation Center.
yes, as edacw1 said, there is a lecture called " standard cell basic SOC design" on cic.
You can look for cic(taiwan) website to get it.
hi, go to and maybe you can find some tutorial.
try the cic in taiwan, it is a good training resiurce.
Is this document same as one in taiwan's cic?
i get it form tw' cic 1 warning sent ! GIVE AS MUCH INFORMATION AS YOU CAN ABOUT THE THINGS YOU UPLOAD ! This is a cic training manual in the form of presentation slides, entitled "Altera Training Course - for PC Users" , 370 pages cic is a university in taiwan, but it is written in english. The date is July 1998 (...)
Check the taiwan's cic ftp. There're some training manual downloable from If u do the cell layout, i think u should choose ur layout style. That make u to do the systematic routing from heuristic routing (by chance and experience). And the layout trick can not learn from textbook. I think u had better to begin the 1st ste
I've download a apollo tutorial form taiwan cic, will upload when I find a way..
Check mosis and taiwan's cic ftp site.