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Hello. I am using SIM900A and made code for this. In this code, i got IMEI number, Service provider, Network strength, APN set for SIM card. After this result I set commands AT+CIPMUX=0, AT+CIPSTATUS, AT+CGATT=1, AT+CIICR, AT+CIPSTATUS, AT+cifsr, AT+CIPSTATUS respectively. Then i use command AT+CIPSTART to Open port on Given IP and it is also
I got a new GSM modem,which when I gives the command AT+HTTPINIT gives error AT+cifsr also shows error AT+SAPBR=1,1 shows OK Also when I made a query AT+SAPBR=? +SAPBR: (0-5),(1-3),"ConParamTag","ConParamValue" What does this 5 indicates? Any one please help.
sadly this module doesn't have a HTTP stack so you need to implement one by yourself, you don't need to connect to the wifi AP every time, but maybe implement a way to get the ip address assigned to the module (with command AT+cifsr) then you need to configure your module to accept multiple connections (AT+CIPMUX=1) and enable the server at port
Hi guys, I have setup a TCPIP connection between my ITEAD SIM908 development board and a server on my PC(SocketTest v3) using the following code: AT+CIPSHUT AT+CIPMUX=0 AT+CIPSTATUS AT+CSTT="internet","","" AT+CIPSTATUS AT+CIICR AT+CIPSTATUS AT+cifsr AT+CIPSTATUS AT+CIPSTART="TCP","","
I try using Sim900 to communicate to my own website ( These is my at commands : type AT+CSTT="m3-world","mms","mms" reply ok type AT+CIICR reply ok type at+cifsr reply type at+cipstart="tcp","","80" reply ok CONNECT OK type at+cipsend reply a symbol ">" I typed GET www
Hello there, Can anyone help me? I have a SIM900 and I am trying to establish a connection to a POP E-Mail Server. When I send AT+CIPSTART="TCP","","110" Most of the time the above works and it connects ok, however sometimes it does not AT+CIPSTATUS shows that TCP is connecting but it never does What I want to do is
Hi all, My GSM Modem sim900 module resetting automatically and sending commands RDY +CFUN: 1 +CPIN: happens after sending AT+cifsr command.Please help me to fix this error.
I want to upload my Arduino UNO to Xively through my SIM900 Module. Please giude me on how to connect to Xively and send my data to Xively.I get connected to server but then the problem starts from at+cipsend. AT+CGATT=1 AT+CSTT= AT+CIICR AT+cifsr AT+CIPSPRT=0 AT+CIPSTART=\"tcp\",\"\",\"8081\ AT+CIPSEND As far a
Hi, i got a problem with my TCP IP i use sim 900 this is my AT command and there is responds : AT+CPIN +CPIN: READY OK AT+CREG? +CREG: 0,1 OK AT+CGATT? +CGATT: 1 OK AT+CSTT="TELKOMSEL" OK AT+CIICR OK AT+cifsr AT+CIPSTART="TCP","","9100" OK STATE: TCP CLOSED CONNECT FAIL
Hi, here is a list/Sequence of commands that i used to connect to GPRS here in Pakistan. AT+CPIN?\r AT+CREG?\r AT+CGATT?\r AT+CIPMOD=0\r AT+CSTT=\"wap.warid\",\",\",\",\"\r AT+CIICR\r AT+cifsr\r Enjoy!
Try this: 1. AT+CGATT=1 //wait for OK response 2. AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","mtnirancell" //verify your APN + wait for OK response 3. AT+CSTT = "" //wait for OK response 4. AT+CIICR //wait for OK response 5. AT+cifsr // see your module's Ip
Hi all, I have configured the GPRS modem as below: AT+CGATT=1 AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","my apn" AT+CSTT="my apn" AT+CIICR AT+cifsr My problem and also my question is HOW to save this configuration because when the modem is turned off the configuration is lost?
Hi everybody I wanna download files from FTP server via SIM300 GPRS I can successfully connect to server, but then, I can't execute FTP commands here is a log of my connection: AT+CGATT=1 OK AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","mcinet" OK AT+CSTT="mcinet",, OK AT+CIICR OK AT+cifsr AT+CIPSTATUS
when i m executing AT+cifsr it is giving me ERROR i have executed previous instructions like AT+CGATT=1,AT+CSTT="rconnect" but after AT+cifsr it shows ERROR. it is giving error for AT+CIICR and primary and secondary DNS command too.
hi all, i connect the GPRS with sim900 AT commands; -> AT+CGATT=1 -> AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","INTERNET" -> AT+CSTT="INTERNET" -> AT+CIICR -> AT+cifsr -> AT+CIPHEAD=1 -> AT+CDNSORIP=1 -> AT+CIPSTART="TCP","","80" <- OK <- CONNECT OK be connect and what i do later :D thanks and so sory for bad englişh :)
hi, i trying to send data to a remote server using gprs, for that i tried followed at command on hyperterminal, but enable to connect to remote server at OK at+cgatt? +CGATT: 1 OK at+cgdcont=1,"IP","" OK at+cdnscfg="","" OK at+cstt="" OK at+ciicr OK at+cifsr? OK at+cipstatus
Hi I make GPSR session like: ATE0 AT+CSQ AT-GSN AT+CREG=2 AT+CIPMUX=0 AT+CSTT="internet","","" AT+CIICR AT+cifsr AT+CIPHEAD=1 AT+CDNSCFG="" AT+CIPSTART="TCP","","port" AT+CIPSEND Then I get "> " and send data . It work well by long time. Then I move modem by car to other palce. When modem change
i managed to set up a connection with ntp server using sim900 module, also I`m new to this kind of stuff, and because of this im sure there is better ( optimized, etc.. ) way : at+cstt = "apn","apn user name", "apn pass" // you should get OK to this command at+ciicr // OK at+cifsr // ip adress at+cipstart="UDP","Server ip","123" // als
Here is full command set (and response) that will send message thru grps to AT\r --> 'OK' or 'ERROR' AT+CREG=1\r --> 'OK' or 'ERROR' AT+CSNS=4\r --> OK or ERROR AT+CSTT="APN","USER","PASSWORD"\r --> 'OK' or 'ERROR' AT+CIICR\r -->'OK' or 'ERROR' AT+cifsr\r -->'OK' or 'ERROR'
i send request to my server following, but can not receive response from server and wait then module return CLOSED i can't fix it, plz help! AT+CIPSTART="TCP","","80" OK CONNECT OK AT+CIPSTATUS OK STATE: CONNECT OK AT+cifsr AT+CIPSEND > GET

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