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Because in the real life at high frequencies there are no ideal transmission lines, the microstrip TL that feeds the antenna SHOULD be part of the antenna impedance match. I mean, you design the circuit pcb layout, draw the microstrip line that feeds the antenna (with whatever length), and AFTER that (...)
Hi, The circuit in the datasheet surely works. But YOUR circuit fails. Therefore - if you need help - give us YOUR schematic and YOUR pcb layout. And all technical informations... 2) what can I do to prevent next fault (now, with present layout and later, at the next layout)? Follow the (...)
Hello, I am an experienced pcb layout designer. All of you can contact for pcb designing. Extensive knowledge of pcb manufacturing principles, standards, and circuit boards; Comprehensive knowledge of the design concepts and safety standards of (...)
Hello, I am an experienced pcb layout designer. All of you can contact for pcb designing. Extensive knowledge of pcb manufacturing principles, standards, and circuit boards; Comprehensive knowledge of the design concepts and safety standards of (...)
Thermal pcb design is always an interesting problem. These days there are many solutions dependant on the circuit complexity and how many layers required to get the routes in. I recently did a 12 layer (all 2 ounce) flexi-rigid layout with numerous D pack and similar devices, lots of copper pours and thermal vias. The best (...)
Hi! I need to save pcb layout files as functional blocks for reuse in later design. For example suppose, I have a small circuit that has been routed and optimized. If need that same circuit in another design then instead of having to route it again, I should be able to use my previously (...)
Now it all seems to work OK except the display seems to fluctuate too much with a steady input. Can anyone identify the mystery component? And what is it and what does it do? It is quite difficult infer some conclusion based solely on the pcb layout design. This view do not allow us to see the whole circuit. In suc
I have been working on a project for a customer the last year or so. I am doing the embedded code and system design. There was another engineer doing the schematic design and pcb layout. The other engineer has been too busy with their day job to get things done so I am looking for somebody else to help with this project. (...)
We are a professional design house engaged in schematic and pcb layout , with a number of years of hardware engineers who have wealth of high-speed multilayer circuit board pcb design experience. We services Enterprise pcb outsourcing, individual developers, students (...)
Then clearly start at ADS circuit simulation level (model based simulation of layout pieces with MLIN etc.) and build things step by step.
Hi, I would like to join the analog and digital grounds at only one place in the pcb using a 0E resistor in order to reduce the noise level in the design. But i stuck up with the SMPS Negative connection with the circuit. I don't know whether i need to connect the SMPS(0V) with analog section or digital section. I give the (...)
Hi, I would like to put a thyristor with (Ipp=500A 2/10 us) for longitudinal protection( Telcordia G1089-CORE standard) in E1 circuit. I want to know the number of vias in pcb layout design required to be put for the thyristor pad connecting to the ground for this high current. Is one via enough or multiple vias (...)
It seems that you are dealing with a set of conditions that do not help much, the worst being the fact that has already designed the pcb board, and this would be an impediment to any substantial changes in the circuit. Again, not sure if this violates some safety issue, but in this case, I believe you could consider doing some kind of (...)
Where is the best place to post for a pcb designer to layout a simple pcb for an LED IR Illuminator? I have the circuit design but I don't know how to use, and don't have the time right now to figure out how to use, pcb design software. I imagine the (...)
You can draw circuits with any of a whole bunch of tools. Your choice probably depends on where you want to go from there. If you want to do circuit design and optimization with a SPICE simulator, LTSpice can't be beat (especially for the price of free). But you'll have to change horses, to go to pcb (...)
Hello everybody, Is there any possibilty to generate layout from output or fabrication output files in Altium? I had created a schematic and pcb layout of my circuit. After misunderstanding the requirements again I have changed my design. I still got output files from previous design. (...)
Hello everybody, I am simulating a rectifier circuit using discret components in ADS 2009. I would like to know if it's possible to design the pcb layout of the rectifier with ADS (or the layout in ads is only for microstrip simulation). If it's possible, would you please give me the different steps to (...)
Hello, How can i design a FR4 pcb and simulate the S parameters corresponding to the layout of my rectifier circuit were incoporated into the simulation in ads 2009. Thanks :)
In addition to the advice that crutschow gave concerned to circuit scope, you could improve noise immunity focusing some attention at layout shielding attributes of the design, not only restricted to pcb, but also to case assembly. +++
Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) January 10, 2014 Companies in the electronics industry are increasingly seeking outside support in printed circuit board design. 911EDA has expanded its engineering capabilities significantly over the past year with core services including pcb engineering in hardware, software, and firmware design by (...)