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Width and length are dependent on the process you are using. for a 45nm technology, the minimum length you can have is 45nm. You can also customize the width and length for tuning the digital circuit. for example, if you want equal rise,fall times, you size the nmos and pmos in the ratio of 1:3.
The D input should ONLY go to the -Q, this way every time there is an input pulse, the D type changes over - its a divided by two. The Q output should go to the rest of the circuit. Frank
this link will help you be free to asking any question
It is almost certain that T1 and T2 are simply serial numbers given to the two transformers on the circuit diagram. They do not represent what type of transformer each one is. It is not possible for anyone to say what they are without examining the diagram. You have not even told us what the circuit diagram is for. For (...)
How do I get a 1400 gain of the circuit? plz netlist hspice? 60498 60500
Hi, unless this is some kind of exam question. It would preferable if you put up your circuit schematic. Nevertheless, Guidelines should provide you the required information regarding your feedback loop design to debug.
I have to build a wattmeter as my final exam project on high technical school.I tried to simulate it in TINA but somehow i couldnt work it out.Also the description of LM13700 in TINA is not complete ...only the inputs the output and V+ V- are matched.Could you please give me a little help where to simulate this circuit?
Excellent and thorough answer, Laktronics! EDIT: i just realized that the gain-bandwidth product of LM324 is 1MHz. At 40kHz, the gain will only be about 25, not 101 as calculated. The circuit should use an op amp with a GBW of at least 10MHz to realize something close to the calculated gain.
hello , when i do gate simulation , and i found a question . A pin input a high-Z to a DFF , and the DFF output a X to the next circuit. But I think the model of DFF is wrong , and i think that when a DFF input a high-Z the output should be 0. How do you think?
That's right, but if you use a voltage divider to ADJ pin,then the volatage drop may exceed 10V or more depending on the divider ratio. If you power this circuit with 9V supply,it just won't work correctly.
also, if you're feel'n up to it, could you please explain how this circuit works and label all of the parts involved ? Mr.Cool